Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bush Camp -- Part 2

While at Bush Camp there was a bigger task than just thriving in the African bush -- living in tents, showering in portable showers, and using squatty potties.  For the first few days the adults climbed onto the back of the below truck and went into the little town of Petauke, Zambia. Just like in Lusaka we had a daily assignment, a topic of African culture to learn about most days. We also practiced evangelizing and telling our testimony in an African context. 

Lee and I were at opposite corners.
That is me in the white shirt -- far right!
He is in the back....where he can help people off and on....of course!
Unfortunately I didn't get very many pictures in the town. One day Lee and I ran into the children who were on a field trip to the market there in the town. 

Looking at all of the goods that are for sale at the market.
Lilly and her partner Mara
Emma and her partner Karissa eating a fritter
Lee and I and our helper Amos. Everyday we ate a fritter and drank a soda .
After a few days of going into the town, we began to go into different small villages near the camp. 

First we would set out on foot going out to the entrance of the camp.
Group by group we would get on the 40/40 van and ride to our villages.

Here I am with Heather and Carrie waiting for the van.
Then we would go on foot to a village.
As we walked we saw this basketball goal.
Our helpers told us that it is only girls that play this.

These were some homes in the village.
Another home.....look at the painting on the side
and the plants they have set in front of the house in containers.

Trying to find people to talk to was difficult.
It was harvest time and EVERYONE was in the fields.

Then we came upon these men working on a house.
Guess who wanted to help???

Great job!

Then we saw these girls going to get water.
Another day we came upon this sweet lady.
She shared her story with us.
Years ago her step-father married her off to a man in another town.
She was one of several wives that this man had.
Someone shared the gospel with her and she believe.
As she learned more about the Bible she was convicted that this was not right.
She left him. But, only her youngest child could come with her.
Her husband kept the 2 older children. She doesn't know if she will ever see them again.
Pray for this sweet lady.

Kids iron school uniforms

Young girls tending the fire

Sweet faces!!

Here are the girls on more of their field trips.

In a market....learning how to bargain!

Meghan and her partner Elijah

Meghan carrying Zoe at the farm

Lilly and her piglet
Emma and the kid
There were a few days that we were able to have family time. This particular day we went as a family to town on the truck.
Can you see the view???

At a store in the market....they have the coldest cokes in town!
We really loved Bush Camp!! It was the favorite part of 40/40 for all of us!!!!



Remember those camp showers that you saw in another post?? Well, a great day ended badly when it was my turn to take a shower....
Lee did the process just like any other day at camp. He pumped water, warmed it on the fire, and then put the warm water into our plastic bucket. We were ready for showers! 

Meghan went first into the shower. She carefully lowered the galvanized bucket and filled it with her warm water. All the while, her Daddy saying, ""Be careful, Meghan". (He would have much preferred to fill our shower buckets for us. But, there was a rule at camp that the men could not go that close to the women's showers...for obvious reasons. This was a rule he really did not want to obey....for our safety.)

While I waited on Meghan to finish her shower I enjoyed talking with the other ladies that were waiting for a shower to open up as well. Then, when Meghan was finished, I went into the shower after her. I put all my things down(clean clothes, towel, washcloth, shampoo, etc. ) and then took off my clothes. The trouble began as my mind the conversations still going on with the ladies outside the showers and then to the young teen girls beside my shower on the upper platform that were saying, "Don't worry....we won't look in on you." 

I walked into the actual shower part (there is a dressing room part and the shower part) and began to lower the galvanized bucket to top it off with warm water. I grabbed the rope and started to unwind it from its finger got pinched.....I let go of the rope....and the BUCKET FELL ON MY HEAD!!!!! You see it wasn't just the bucket. Meghan had only used a couple of inches of her water so the bucket was almost completely full of water. (Lee guesses about 40 lbs worth of water.) My first thought let the bucket fall on your head!.....You....the one whose husband is constantly reminding everyone to be careful.....just let the bucket fall on your head!!!!!! How embarrassing!!!!!!!

At that point, with my hand on my head, I called for Meghan who was still standing outside the shower. I told her that I needed Daddy. She called for him (to which he said very calmly....OK) and she walked in to see blood dripping from my head. I then called for Lee and told him that I very much needed him quickly. He came in and helped me get some clothes back much for a shower. He walked me to the nurse's tent. And sat me down in a chair. The whole time I was thinking.....oh, please let this be more of a bruise than a laceration!! You see, I hate needles and the thought of stitches in the middle of nowhere was on the top of my very short moving-to-Africa-fear-list!!

Praise God that in our 40/40 group there was our staff nurse (who has been on the mission fields of Africa for about 20 years), an ER nurse and a pediatrician. Dr. Andy got to me first. He took the towel off my head to take a look at my wound and this is what he found (after soaking up some blood).....


The words I did not want to hear came from his mouth....."I'm going to have to close that up". At that point I lost it. The tears came....I hate pain...

They moved me to a little house on the camp property to stitch me up. There was no lidocaine in the medical kit to numb it, so we put some ice on it for a few minutes while I sipped on a very cold diet Coke and tried to get ready for the job at hand. The worst part of the whole deal was the needle. (I know....obviously!) It was a small needle meant for soft skin....not the tough skin on the scalp. So, Dr. Andy had to really work to get it through my skin and it bent on him every time. Nurses Laura and Renee where great to hold my head for me and talk to me. Lee held my hands and legs (that were shaking out of control) and I cried! It hurt like crazy!!! But, I made it!!!!

After Andy got finished I thought I might die from the pain, so they gave me another cold diet Coke! and a valium to help me sleep. It worked and I was able to sleep all night. 

The next day it felt like I had bumped my head, but it wasn't that bad! I carried on with the task of the day....going into town on the back of a truck. (More about that in a later post.) I covered my head to keep my wound clean and to hide my unwashed hair!!!

Here I am with two of my buddies.....Amanda and Jane!
I couldn't wash my hair for several days. Then, I got permission to wash at it

Lee trying to get some of the blood and ointment out of my hair around the wound.

And then washing it!!
After a few days.....I had no headache or any discomfort. Eventually I even got back into that same shower....but, I made Lee do my water for me!!! He figured out a way that this won't happen to anyone else.....I know.....of course he did!!!! 

Over a week later I was all healed and could get the stitches out :)
Renee and her assistant.....Lee
My sweet medical team....Dr. Andy, Renee, and Laura

Thanks guys!!!! 


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bush Camp -- Part 1

Even though Lusaka had restaurants and a mall, we were very excited to board the bus and head to Bush Camp!! It took us about 7 hours on the bus to get to our next home in the eastern part of Zambia.

In the end, Bush Camp ended up being our favorite part of 40/40. One of the reasons was that the land where we were camping was beautiful. And, in the evenings we would go out and literally be speechless over the night sky....filled with stars! ( would have loved it!)

Unloading the bus
That wore Lilly out 
Here is our family's tent.
The girls slept in the smaller tent on the right
and Lee and I in the tent on the left.
This is inside the girl's tent.
These tents were supper nice!
They were from a safari company that was going out of business.
We all slept incredibly well the whole time.

Our restroom facilities!
Take a look inside...

You got it.....squatties for a week and a half!
The worst was during the day the bees liked to go in there to find "water".
So you had to be brave or wait until you are just about to wet your pants
and you have no other option, but to go with the bees.
Then in the evening.....the bats that lived in the hole.....flew out :)
Watch out!!!
These are the cooking tents.
The staff cooked us amazing meals while at camp!
Bath time went like this....
Pump water from this well.
Pour your water into your kettle and put it on the fire.
Once your water is warm you can take it to one of the showers.
There are 2 under the water tanks in the background. can use one of these.
Here is what the inside of the showers under the water tank look like.
The girls had a wonderful time at Bush Camp.
One day they found this chameleon.
They played and played all over the place!
Many nights we had a bonfire
Some of the kids pretending on the trailer 
Lilly and her friend Bailey
Meghan practicing carrying things on her head.
Lee and Emma made this homemade kite
All the kids joining in the fun.
Look out!
Playing in the tent
A bee hive we found...and that explains the bees in the bathroom!
Soaking feet at the end of the day
Part of our learning at bush camp is about African culture in a rural setting. In this area of Africa, like many, tribal chiefs rule the land. Meeting the chief and getting his blessing to work in an area is something all missionaries should do. So the men went one day to pay a visit to the chief. That same day we invited the chief's wife out to meet us for tea. That morning we worked to decorate a bit and prepare a few snacks.

Here I am putting our scones in the oven.
The chief's wife is in the front in blue 
During our time of singing a snake came slithering out of a hole in the ceiling.
One of the guys that didn't go see the chief came in and captured the snake.