Saturday, November 23, 2013

PEPE -- By Meg

About a week ago we went to visit a baptist preschool called PEPE. 
Our good friend Montinho works there. 
PEPE is a program that teaches kids ages 3-5 their ABC's, 123's, 
and how to write their name, and so forth. 
It is a very western concept to have a preschool or 
for kids to know how to write their name at a young age.  

They have a class every morning and every afternoon. We went to the afternoon class. 
There were about 35 kids there. 

When we got there mom read a book called, "Duck on a bike" 
that she had translated into Portuguese. 

We then gave them each a duck mask to color. 

Showing off their masks.

We sang some songs with them.

After we finished Montinho gave us a little tour of their classrooms.

Here Montinho is singing the snack song with them.
They were so proud of their masks that they would not put them down.

Here is Montinho's class room.
Here is the front of his classroom. 
It was so fun to get to see the work that Montinho is doing for the Lord.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Team -- The End -- By Meg

This blog post is way overdue! Sorry! 

So, on the Saturday that our team was leaving, the church members gathered to tell our them goodbye and thank them for the work that they had done. 

On the way to church there is this great view. 
The road on the right is the road to our church.
At church....the extended hand holding that is common among men here.
They gave two soccer balls and two reed mats to the church for offering. 
The church also presented the team with a capulana, a picture of Jesus, and a Mozambican flag.

The pastor saying a few words to the team.
Starting a hand shaking line outside.
Shaking everyone's hand.

Montinho loved the men. I was translating for them here. 
Mrs. Teague with some of the girls in our youth at our church.
Gena, Rute, Sara, Anna, Mrs. Teague, Sefa, Zinha, Eunice, and Nelsa
Riding back home to pick up their bags. 
Then it was time to say good bye! Everyone did very well. 
And I think that there were almost no tears!  

Off they go!

Into the plane.
And off the ground.

Thank you so much for coming! We had so much fun with you! Please come to visit us again soon!!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Team -- Women's Teaching

Along with the other things we did last week, Ashley, Janice, and Shannon prepared for a women's teaching time at our church. Long before they arrived in Nampula they began praying and preparing to teach on the Fruit of the Spirit. 

All of us ladies sitting outside of our home talking over the lesson.
Shannon teaching the first part of the lesson.
I was translating.
Janice teaching the second part.
Ashley finishing up.
The ladies painted nails for the women.
They loved it.

Me and my friend Sela.
Each lady received a small bag of goodies, all to help them to remember the lesson.
The team and the ladies from church.

Thank you friends for the blessing you were to me and to my friends at church.