Thursday, February 28, 2013

Packing -- By Meg

Today we finished packing are are starting to load up the car. 
I wanted to do a quick post to keep you updated on our progress. 
Here are some pictures of our house right now. 

The kitchen

Mom and Dad's room
My poor closet! I don't think I have ever seen it this empty!
(Lilly has been playing with what little things she can find. Mom has pack all of her toys up!
 So she enjoys playing in my closet with Mom's post-it notes!)

We have very little food right now.
We just ate our last meal at our table.
We will be eating at our supervisor's house for dinner tonight. 
Emma's Room
Mine and Lilly's room....still a little messy!
Please pray that we will be able to fit everything in our car and that we will have a safe trip tomorrow to Nampula. 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Seed Distribution -- By Meg

When we went to the other place on Monday to give out seed there was not much 
organization and that place had already received some help. Therefore, we did not give out all of our seed that day. Uncle John made some other contacts and learned of a place 
that had not yet received any help. 

Dad, Mom, and I decided that since we are almost packed, 
we would go and help out and learn some more about culture. 
We had an agriculturist come and he organized it better. 
It worked great!    

On the way...
These were the people that were waiting for us when we got there. 
Waiting for instructions
Some of the seed.
Starting...they had them all back up, and then they would pull one out from the group and ask their name, and write it down. This kept them from coming back to the line. It was very organized but still poeople would yell at you to pick them.

 We really just stood there and watched as the trained 
Mozambicans gave out the seed. 

These head wraps mean that they had recently been to the witch doctor.
We saw MANY people with the colors red, white, and black on to represent that they had just been there. 
Look at those sweet eyes!
Paizano handing out Gosple tracks.
Mom's with their babies. 
I think he was a little hesitant about us. 
They got closer and closer. 
Holding babies! 
They eventually got this close. At least we weren't in the middle. 
The outside. 
The line of men. 
 This area does not have a church. 
Please pray that they will allow other missionaries to come back to their village 
and show the Jesus film. 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ministry Things -- By Meg

While being here in Mozambique we have accumulated many things like clothes, toys, etc. 
We decided that we would make little bags with some of these things in them 
to give out to some of our friends here. 

I also decided to make some cute little skirts for some little girls. 

Here are some pictures of that process. 

Making piles. 
A glimpes of what was in the piles/bags. 
The skirts. 
I got to see one on a little girl on sunday! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!
I also decided to make Lilly a cute little dress.
It was my first, but I thought I did pretty good for a first time!
She of course wanted a dress for her barbie JUST like it.  
Miss Priss!
Just wanted to show you where some of our things are going!!!


Seed Distribution -- By Meg

Yesterday we went out and did a distribution project. 
People here are suffering from lack of food because it has rained so much 
and lots of their rice and corn has died. 
So, we were working with BGR to distribute some seed. 
We had some problems, but over all it was a good experience!  

Organizing some of the seed before we left. 
The corn seed in the back of our car. We also had a trailer full of seed. 
Different kinds of veggies.
(If you can't read portuguese then you won't be able to understand what the bags say! :))
Lots of the people are living in tents because their houses were washed away. 
Some of the tents.
The rice seed. 
This is right when we got there....not many people.
A hour or two after we got there.
A couple more hours after that. 
More and More...
They just kept on coming...
Right before we started distributing...
Then we start...

This is what it looked like from a far off distance...

Some sweet faces!

After some misunderstandings of who gets seed and who does not,
 we got in the car and drove home. 

Here are some sights of coming home.
Some of these rice fields have a good crop of rice, 
yet many have been flooded to the point the rice has died.
It all depends on when you plant the seed.

Imagine living in this house!

Please pray for this area to receive the Gosple message openly 
and that they will grown in their relationship with the Lord.