Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our Last Sunday in Nampula

Today was our last Sunday at our church in Nampula. We have worked so hard for those sweet relationships and will miss many of these dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

The morning started with Lee teaching Sunday School for the adults.

These are the leaders within the youth.
They prepared some special music just for our last Sunday.
We adore them and so wish we could pack them up and take them with us.
Pray specifically for these young people of Christ.
They are (starting at the left going around circle to the right) Marcelino on the drum, 
and Claudio who calls Lee "Father".  
(I don't think he has a father in his life other than Lee.)  
Then there is Alexandre. He is a nephew of our pastor, but Alexandre has been 
raise by Pastor and Dorca for most of his life. 
He is strong Bible student who has a gift for seeking the truths of the Bible.
Next is Elsa. She is a sweet gal who has captured the heart of the next guy, Montinho. They have pledged themselves to one another. They are a perfect match. Montinho is a evangelist who is truly seeking God's will for his life. Beside Montinho is Machaca. Machaca was raised in a Muslim home, but came to know Jesus years ago by hanging out with all of these guys! Last there is dear Timotio. He is our Pastor's oldest child and a strong man of God. He has musical talent oozing for all ports. We can't wait to see what God does with this group of Kingdom Seekers.

Opening the word and seeking Him!

You can see how the church is under construction.
They are building the sanctuary around the existing building.
It is literally a brick-by-brick project. 

Good-bye Cossore Baptist Church. You have taught us lots!