Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Teague's -- Part 1 -- By Meg

We had a wonderful time getting to introduce the Teague's to Mozambique.

 After picking them up at the airport we came home and started to unpack everything. 
There was so much stuff from America! 
It was awesome!!!

With everything that people gave to the Teague's to give to us! 
Overwhelmed by all the stuff!?!
I even showed Hannah how to tie on a Capulana!! She did a great job!
 We all slept good that night! 
But the next morning we got into the car and drove to Quelimane! 
We were so tightly packed!!

We couldn't wake up!
On the way out of town.
We were smushed!

On a bathroom run!
That night we went to a pizza restaurant for dinner. 

We spent the night in a hotel....well lets just say that it was an experience...
leaking toilets, rooms that smell like bbq, and a AC that squeaked all night! :) 

These were our bathrooms. :)
We got up the next morning and went to a restaurant to have breakfast. 

They had the best doughnuts ever!!!

Look at the next blog to see what different adventures we had!!! 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Great Sunday -- By Meg

On Sunday, we went to our little sweet home church. We had a great Sunday! 

Mom and Me in our Capulana's. (The wrap skirts here.)
Last week our pastor asked dad if he would teach the youth because they were having to be with the little kids and needed more teaching. If you know him, he really does not do youth.  He has never been very fond of teaching them and stuff like that. He prayed about it and taught them for the first time yesterday.
 He said that he enjoyed it! There were about 6 or 7 young guys. 
This was the kid's Sunday School. The guy in the purple shirt is the teacher. 
After we had Sunday School we went inside to have worship. 

We had a big group. 
After the welcome and announcements it was time for the groups to do their singing. 

Mom hopped up there with the ladies. 
Working their way to the front. 

She got the honor of the frount row.
We were behind her so it was hard to get a good picture from the front. 

Then it was the girl's turn. They had some very cool songs. 

Then all the youth and children! 

After the songs it was time for Pastor João to preach. 

 Then offering. 

You walk up to the front and put your offering in the basket. 
She was so cute!!!
Sweet girls!!
We had a wonderful Sunday! 


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our New Home Church

I actually got to blog today......thanks Meg for letting me have a turn.

One of the first things that we wanted to do when we arrived in Nampula was to find a home church. Our second Sunday here we went to visit this little church. We instantly liked it. It is not far from our house, yet is very African. There is a "village" feel there. This is a well established church in a new location. Last year they decided that to reach their neighborhood they needed to be in the middle of the neighborhood. So they bought a piece of property and constructed this church building. It is definitely a work in progress. 
They are building as they have the money. 

This is the church building. You can see that it is made out of posts, tarps, and tin. 
This is Sunday morning inside the church. It is a rather large congregation.  

We had not attended church but a couple of times when they told me that they wanted me to teach the ladies on Friday afternoons. I didn't say no....which I guess was saying yes! My first week I was so nervous. I had only taught children in Portuguese before! And I had never even been to their Friday afternoon meeting. I spent hours and hours preparing my message. 

Before I got into the Bible lesson I had a speech prepared. I told them that God had sent me here to spread the gospel with them. And, that I had left everyone and everything back in America. And, that I needed them to be my friends and sisters in Christ. I told them that I did not have all the answers and I simply wanted to learn with them. Finally I said, "I want to laugh and cry with you. I want to walk where you walk. I want to be one of you." Well...they said "Alleluia" to that! 

They were kind and attentive the whole lesson. What I didn't realize was that they use the rest of the time to prepare songs and dances for Sunday morning. So, when it was time to dance they put me in the line and expected me to sing and dance.....and I did!

I did say that I wanted to be one of them and they took me for serious!

(All the time I was kids are going to be so embarrassed!) 

This is how it works....

At a particular time in the worship service anyone that has a song prepared can come to the front. A few weeks ago, when Lee was out of town, the service leader asked me, by name, in the middle of the service, if I had a song prepared. Oh how I wish I could have thought on my feet better and gone up front and done anything just to embarrass/encourage my girls.

Last Sunday was my African debut!
Here I am getting warmed up!
Then....really getting my groove on!

I can't get these videos to move to the right place.
Just enjoy!

Then there are the kids at this church. They are led by a talented young man who is really good with kids. They sing and dance so well. I pray somehow the girls will desire to be part of this eventually. 

This is a sweet group of young girls that is singing for us.
Can't you see our girls singing with them one day?

Pray for us as we work along side these believers. 


Mother's Day -- By Meg

We had a very Happy Mother's Day!  
Emma, Lilly, and I made a chocolate pie. And they also made table markers. 

Mom and her pie!
The best mother ever!!!

Bringing in the gifts.
"OH MY!!!"
Look at Lilly's face! SO sweet!
They wanted to be matching! 

We then told mom to go sit down while we cleaned up the table and kitchen!
We love her!!!
We have the best mother ever!!! 


Friday, May 10, 2013

HG Team -- Part 6 -- By Meg

On Wednesday the 24th the team, the Harrell's, and mom and I went to the bush. 
Dad, Emma, and Lilly went back home to Nampula to take 
some other missionaries to the airport and for Dad to get ready for another trip.
 It took about 1 and a half hours to get to the bush. 
The village where we stayed is called Manapu. 
After we got there we set up camp. 
It got dark very quickly so the men started setting up the Jesus film. 
After we ate dinner (nshima and chicken) we got in bed. 
It was a long day so it didn't take us very long to fall asleep. 

On our way!!!
This is where Mr. Brian slept the 2 nights that we were there.
(Notice all the kids surrounding us!) 
We got up the next morning ate some breakfast and got started.

Playing some games.
And painting some nails and faces!!

Then we started inside the church.

Saying the Bible verse John 3:16
It got very warm in the church so Micah, Kate, and I decided to go outside for a while!!!

Micah playing in the dirt!!!
Then Dylan decided to join us!
After playing some more games, making some crafts,
 and eating lunch everyone decided to take a little rest.  

Mom and Me in our tent!!

We were packed!
Hanging out!!
(Oh and also see the kids trying to get in the picture!)
We then started back up! 

Mrs. Ginger entertaining the kids!
(Don't you love her face!!) 
Kate and I watching!!
 We then did the same thing that we did in the morning. 
We played games, made some crafts, and heard the word of God. 
After VBS we ate some dinner and went to bed. 

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast and started painting some nails 
and faces all over again!!! 

Blowing her nails dry.
So interested in the camera!!!
 The day before I fell in love with a little girl named Fatima. 
She looked about 1 or 2 years old and has a huge belly. 
She was not a bit afraid of me. 
So I became friends with her. Her mom worked in the kitchen 
preparing our meals so she was walking around all by hereself. 
She had a bad cold and was always laying her head on me. It was so sweet! 
Please pray for her. Pray that she will grow strong and healthy.
 I wasn't able to talk to her mom because she spoke no Portuguese 
but I told her dad that I would be holding her. 

After painting nails and faces the children divided into 2 groups. One to games and one to story and crafts. At the end of it all they would all get a little snack. 

In story time. 
 One the 2nd day they made a "altar call" for who ever wants to 
give their life to Jesus can stand up and go outside. 

This was the girls group. 
In the end some where between 50-100 kids made a decision to follow Christ!!!

This was all the kids!!! It was a packed house!!

After we were finished, we went outside to take some pictures!

We also tried to get a group picture of us and all the kids!!

 Then we finally did!

After picture time went went back inside with the women who cooked for us 
and the leaders that helped us those 3 days. 
We wanted to give them something to remember this time. 

All the women in the new Capulanas and head wraps! They were so proud!
We went back to Nacala ate at a very good restaurant and then we home and took some showers! 
The next day we traveled back to Nampula and went shopping for a few hours then ran to the airport, ate some lunch, and said some very sad good byes! 

At the airport

We had a wonderful time with them!!!