Monday, September 8, 2014

Drive Home -- By Meg

We left South Africa after about 3 weeks of being down there. 
We were ready to go home. 
Granny and Pa were able to drive up to Mozambique with us. 
We made some memories!!!

Day 2 Dad bought this hand-made sailboat from a guy on the side of the road.
We had to HOLD it the rest of the way home because the car was so full.

We are very glad to be back home!!!


Potholes -- By Meg

One day we went to the Potholes. We have gone to the Potholes almost every time we have visited South Africa. It is so amazing to see how God has made the rocks like this.


We had a great day exploring! 


Kruger National Park-- By Meg

Towards the end of our trip we planed to go to the big game park, Kruger National Park. 
Two Christmas's ago we planed on going to Kruger, but our car broke down so we were not able to. So this was a big treat! Especially since we had our grandparents with us! 
We drove into the park late morning and didn't see a lot before 
we got to the place that we were staying.  
We had booked a night drive so we were hoping 
that we would see something just amazing.

It was SO beautiful!! (no enhancing)
The first thing that we saw was a Leopard! It was just sleeping in the tree next to the road.
It was amazing!!!
It was like everyone in the park was there to see the leopard!

It came down and walked right by our truck!! So cool!
We spent the night at a place inside Kruger. We got up super early the next morning hoping that we would be able to see lots of animals!

The Sunrise was amazing! We never get up early enough to see the sunrise!
We drove and drove and drove and didn't see much.
But then, we saw lots of giraffe!
A baby hyena!
We also saw lots of Elephant!!

Zebra are my favorite!!!!!!
We we so ready to see some Lions.....but we never saw any until we were about to leave and somebody told us about a lion kill down a little road on a riverbank. So we started down the road and we then able to see an amazing lion kill. Even if it was far away! 

While driving to the exit of the park we were able to see 
about 8-10 more lion laying in a dry riverbed.

We had a very fun time at Kruger!!

Time In South Africa -- By Meg

A couple weeks ago the IMB had a meeting for some 
of the other workers in Sub-Saharan Africa. 
We were able to see some old friends and meet some new ones. 
It was sorta disappointing for Emma and me, being the oldest again, 
but we had a fun time hanging out with the younger kids. 

After our meeting our grandparents came to South Africa and spent 
some vacation time with us.

One day, we went to the Lion Park. It was so cool! 
My family had already gone when we came to South Africa for our first Christmas, while I was at camp.  I hadn't really known what to expect. But it was so cool!

We also went to a theme park. 
We came here this past Christmas, but it started to rain,
so we had to leave. We were able to ride most all the rides a couple of times! 
It was so much nicer this time!!

Lilly and Dad almost throwing up after a swirly fair ride.

Fun in the science exhibit.
Panning for "gold"

We also got to go to some AMAZING resturants!

We had a great time hanging out in South Africa!