Thursday, May 22, 2014

Number 15 -- By Meg

 * We have had some internet issues. So this blog is about a month late.*

 On April 23rd was my 15th birthday. 
For breakfast Dad took me to a pastry place. 
After we got back home we left to go to a little place out of town for lunch. 
It was so pretty there and we had a great time. 
There was a little restaurant where you sat in your own little hut thing looking over the lake and mountains there. We had a great time!

Dad and me
Mom bought me the hat here in town!
So lovely!!
Isn't it so beautiful?!?
Playing with friends!
It is a great picture taking place!
Emma and Me
After we dropped everyone off at the house mom and dad surprised me by taking me to learn how to drive in a friend's car. I was very nervous. I bet that it is ten times easier to drive an automatic car than a straight shift! You have so many thing going on! You don't know which gear to put it in and when to let off the gas and the clutch and when to press what and what! AH!
But it was fun and I am ready to do it again!

I had a great birthday!!!