Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Driving Home -- By Meg

All good things must come to an vacations!
On January 7th, we left to go back to Nampula, Mozambique.
A couple days earlier our grandparents left to go back to the states.
We had such a wonderful vacation in South Africa!

Lots of South Africa looked like something from, "The Sound of Music".
We kept on singing songs from the movie!
Along the way we stopped to see some of the beautiful sights

One of the places where we slept had a putt-putt course.
So Emma, Lilly, and Dad went and played a little.

(Check out that back drop!)

We also got to spend the night with some of our friends, The Smith Family.
This is my buddy, Penley.
We had a very good, but long trip back to Mozambique!