Sunday, February 5, 2017

Finally....Our Crate Arrives

(Sorry this is old info, but I am still trying to catch up! 😊)

Back in December 2015, we packed a crate to send to Mozambique before we left the states. Things changed and changed and that delayed the shipping of our crate. But in October, our crate finally found us. 

 Some great friends packed up our homeschool books for the year
  in this barrel. The barrel was then shipped along with our crate.
Lilly says, "Get it open, Dad!"
Yippy for school books!
Emma.....always finding the fun in everything!
Lilly received a note from a friend. Surprise!
One of the most exciting things we packed in our crate was
a nice, used trampoline that we found while in the states.
They were so happy to see it that we just had to put it up....even though it was already dark!
In the backyard of our new house. We weren't even moved in at the time!
Yea for a trampoline strong enough to hold all three girls!
What fun!!!

From Zambia,

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Grandparents Visit to Lusaka

Back in August/September, Grandma and Granddad came to Lusaka for a visit. 

It is always a huge blessing for family and friends to come all this way to spend time with us. 

We loved showing the grandparents around our new city and just hanging out with them!!

This is Grandma and Lilly looking at the solar eclipse.
A nice meal at our favorite steakhouse.
While they were here, Emma had a birthday!
That's a cool cake that Emma and Lilly made.
Happy 15th precious girl!!
You are loved much!
Birthday flowers from Dad
We enjoyed taking them to the monthly craft market.
Finding lots of goodies

Some of Zambia's beautiful girls selling pineapples outside the gate.

This sums up their relationship
Two peas in a pod!
Thank you so much Mom and Dad for coming to see us! Come back soon.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Moving into our house in Lusaka

The house that we are renting in Lusaka has just recently been renovated. 
It is a lovely home and we are so thankful for this place! 
Everyone is feeling a little bit spoiled here.

The book worm and her dog!
Lilly working on curtains in the bathroom.
Meghan taking stickers off the new fixtures.
Hanging up some curtains.
Goofing off :)
Putting up my curtains (thank you honey) that I made from capulanas (wrap skirts) years ago.
Haven't seen them in a while. I love that sweet memory from Mozambique.
Look at my beautiful kitchen!
It is tiny, but brand-new. I love it!
My two artist got busy with chalk on the back patio.
Trying on her new equestrian attire that we bought a few months ago in South Africa.
And yes.....we have a fire place....and gets into the 40s here in Lusaka.
During on of our trips over to the house, the dogs stayed back at the guest house in our apartment there.
This is where we found Ode when we returned!

Bringing the animals was such a hassle, but we know that it was wort it for our girls.
We got our first package from the states (thanks Grandma!) and no one at the post office opened it
and it cost us nothing.
Yes....we are getting spoiled!
Look at those beautiful girls! They have come so far and are my heart.
My mini-me!
We splurged and went to Mugg & Bean that week.
A cookie for me and milkshakes and frappes for the girls.
(Notice how we are is cool here!)
We were thrilled to celebrate this guy.
Happy Father's Day!
It is not easy living with this many women. The gray hair proves it!
But, after the first girl was born he was rooting for as many girls as God would give him.
He loves us so deeply!
Yep! We are home!

Thanks for your love and support of our family. We feel so blessed to be where we are. God is so good. Now we are very much ready to serve Him and tell the people of Lusaka about His redemptive plan. Pray that we continue to settle well!

Much love,

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

On the Road to Zambia

Oh, my! What a trip that was!
First, we packed and packed and packed for days. I prepared food, packed snacks, and 
organized. The day and night before we left, we loaded the truck and trailer. 
Everyone had their own space. 
Five full-grown people, a German Shepherd, a fluffy white dog, and 
a skittish cat.....we were all prepared....well maybe the humans were prepared. 
The alarm would go off at 3am. We slept in our clothing so 
we could get out the door in less time. 

This road is never easy.
We tried to explain this to our pets, but they didn't comprehend until we got there.
Nala was very alert.
Not too far down the dirt road, we stopped to check on everyone.
Ode, the white fluffy one, had just scared us to death from his homemade crate.
He had somehow gotten his tooth hooked on one of the bars and began to screech in fear and pain.
Lilly's cat was also freaking out.
Apparently she was so scared when she started bumping around that she wet her bed.
So, Dad and Lilly tried to comfort her and get her something dry to lay on.
All the while trying to not let her escape her crate into the African bush.
A girl and her dog!
It was a nice break from the crazy road.
Ode never did get back in his crate. We just used it to store some of the stuff that was under our feet.
The rest of the trip Ode stayed on laps :)

That was the end of Day 1. 
We made it to the Baptist Guest House around 8pm. 
The 16 hour journey was free from problems, except for my back. 
For the last several hours of the trip I was in terrible pain from sitting for so long. 
I needed to get out of that car. The problem was that we just couldn't stop as many times 
as my back needed us to. It took 30 minutes of pain, like 
I have never had, to get out of that car.
We ate our delicious KFC that our precious friends bought for us and we went to bed. 

The next morning we slept in a bit, both because of my back and we didn't have as far to drive the second day. The problem was that we did not imagine the amount of time that our border crossing would take going into Zambia. 

So we pulled up to the Border Post.
That first door is where you go in, purchase your VISA , get your passport stamped, and off you go.
Not this day! We had 3 pets that we wanted to legally bring into the country.
We totally could have snuck them in,
but we wanted to do it according to the law. We wanted to do the right thing
and we wanted to know how to advise others to navigate the official channels.
We think we are the first people to ever bring pets in legally at this border post.
It took 5 hours! There was all kinds of red tape, along with 2 hour lunch breaks for some vital employees.
So, Lee sat intermittently under a tree with a customs official and a national policeman while he waited for the process to move along. Emma had significant stomach issues that required multiple long trips to the outhouse facilities. I spent several hours laying down in the back seat. And the girls sang, talked, and napped. 
Once we got back on the road, the sun was already low in the sky.
It would be a late arrival in Lusaka!
My sweet girls sat doubled up in the front so that I could stay laying down for the rest of the trip.
Ode enjoyed having Mom in the back!
Dad enjoyed having his talking girls in the front!
Before too long there was a beautiful African sunset to usher us into the evening.
Many hours left to go. I don't understand how my husband does it.
We arrived at the Baptist Guest House in Lusaka at 11:45pm.
Praise God for a safe journey to our new hometown!!

Much Love,