Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lusaka, Zambia in Pictures

Lusaka, Zambia is our new home town and we are really enjoying it!
It is still an Africa town, full of Africa customs and practices, 
but it has some modern conveniences that make life a little more fun.

This little gem is where I can get a deluxe pedicure every few months for $15!!
The traffic is a bit of a pain.
We have figured out the times of day to not venture out,
but every once in a while we have no choice!
There are some lovely, clean residential streets.
And this is the hospital that Lee stayed in for 4 days.
Fairview Hospital
There are a few modern conveniences that I am not so fond of.
This is a bag of "Crisp Lettuce". Notice that it says, "Washed and Ready to Eat".
But I thought it looked a bit dirty when I started to take some out of the bag for a salad.
I rinsed a handful in the green bowl with our filtered water.
What you see in the bottom of the bowl is the dirt that came off just a handful of lettuce leaves!!!!
Yuck!!!! Lesson learned!
Of course, being the capital city, we have a mixture of religions.
This is a big mosque.
Here is a small road heading into a neighborhood.
And another.
Many, many nationals still use charcoal to cook with.
This is a large charcoal holding area.
People will come here and buy bags and take them further out
into the neighborhoods and sell them for a profit.
Traditional medicine it HUGE in Zambia. 
This is another Traditional healer hut.
This is at the edge of one of the neighborhoods. They are called "compounds" here.
Only people with really good paying jobs live in town on streets like ours.
The rest live in compounds. Houses are on top of each other and living conditions are not very good.
This is a street "downtown". 
This is a dried fish market.
And, across the street is beans, rice, and other necessary stuff.
In the same area downtown you can get used clothes and shoes from the states.
Like everywhere else in Africa, we have vans that are the primary mode of public transportation.
Here is a van that belongs to "Prince Emma"....we laugh!
While you wait at traffic lights, you can shop for clothing.
Need a jersey? 
Remember the charcoal?
Here men are moving it through a major intersection on these carts.
It wouldn't be Africa without many soccer fields
People still carry things on their heads.

That is our new hometown.
It is working out pretty well for us.
Why not come for a visit?
We would love to have you.

Here we are at Game, a store owned by Walmart. It has a Walmart feel.
But, every time I have been in there lately I see rats running around.
We are still in Africa!
Keep the joy!

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