Saturday, January 21, 2017

Grandparents Visit to Lusaka

Back in August/September, Grandma and Granddad came to Lusaka for a visit. 

It is always a huge blessing for family and friends to come all this way to spend time with us. 

We loved showing the grandparents around our new city and just hanging out with them!!

This is Grandma and Lilly looking at the solar eclipse.
A nice meal at our favorite steakhouse.
While they were here, Emma had a birthday!
That's a cool cake that Emma and Lilly made.
Happy 15th precious girl!!
You are loved much!
Birthday flowers from Dad
We enjoyed taking them to the monthly craft market.
Finding lots of goodies

Some of Zambia's beautiful girls selling pineapples outside the gate.

This sums up their relationship
Two peas in a pod!
Thank you so much Mom and Dad for coming to see us! Come back soon.