Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Sunday -- By Meg

Our Church celebrates Easter different than most churches in the states. 
People don't go and buy a new outfit. 
Our church didn't make it much different than any other Sunday.
It was a little sad that they didn't make it different.
After church my mom said, "I missed saying, He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed." 
But, we did have a good Sunday.

The youth singing.
The Pastor had somehow gotten the Resurrection Eggs.
It bring back fun memories!
Montinho translating.
After church our parents had to have a meeting with some of the leaders of the church. 
So Emma, Lilly, and I hung out in the back of the church. 
Some sweet little girls came in and sat in front of us. They were so cute!

After their meeting was over we took some Easter pictures.

We had a wonderful Easter! 
Even some missionary friends came to see us from another town!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg Dying -- By Meg

On Saturday we dyed Easter eggs. 

In Mozambique eggs are brown.
We didn't know how well they would dye.
But they did pretty well.


Jesus Is Alive
Considering that our eggs are brown they got pretty bright!

It is always fun to have a little bit of America here.


Sweetness -- By Meg

On Friday the church gathered to have a class on Good Friday. 
They also wanted to gather on Saturday for more studying.
The adult class was about 30 minutes after my children's class time. 
So, we decided to get there a little early to be able to have my class. 
Saturday was a very rainy day and we didn't think that there would be any classes. 
But, the Pastor called us and told us that there would be class that day.
So, we quickly put our church clothes on and headed for the church. 
When we got there, there were a few children that lived right 
beside the church building that had arrived for children's class. 
Thankfully I had taken some coloring pages and some pop-corn for them.
After they had finished their snack and coloring page 
most of them went on home and only some little girls were left. 
I decided to take some pictures of them. 
They were so sweet! 

They were trying to get her to look at the camera!
How funny!

I had a great time with these cuties!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Trip to Malawi -- By Meg

Two weeks ago we went to Malawi for a meeting
The roads to Malawi are pretty much impassable this time of year, 
so we decided that we would fly with MAF (mission aviation fellowship). 
It was our first time flying with them. Their planes are very small…like 4 passenger. 
Mom and I were very nervous about flying in such a small space. But we did it! 

Here is our plane! SMALL
Us with our pilot, Dave.
Ready to get in!!
Strapping in!

Ready for take off!!
Just for fun!
I know you are jealous!!
We finally took off!!!

Our city……Nampula!

Further out over the neighborhoods surrounding Nampula.

It was very smooth and we enjoyed it a lot! The only problem was that since the plane was not pressurized, our ears hurt when we started going down. 

After about 1 1/2 hours we could see Lake Malawi!

Can you see it just beyond those clouds?

Flying over the lake! Pretty scary!
There is our landing strip!
We landed at the lodge where the meeting was! How cool!! 
Some immigration people came and stamped us into the country right there at the lodge!

The meeting lasted 2 days and while the parents had meetings the teenagers were in charge of the 6 kids. Ages 1-10!! 
The only bad thing about this place is all of the ants. 
It was literally like the place was built on an ant's nest. It was absolutely awful!!

Me and my friend Hannah.
Me and my friend Hadassah.
Us four girls had lots of fun hanging out on the beach!
But all that fun had to come to an end. 

On our last night there in the middle of the night Emma woke up with ants all over her head.
The poor thing spent forever trying to get all of the ants out of her hair.
I feel so bad for her!
Stamping out of the country.
You see that I am holding some baskets. Malawi has amazing baskets.
So every time we go, mom always gets a basket or two!
 On our way back to Mozambique our plane ride wasn't as smooth as the first time. 
That day was very rainy so our pilot had to navigate around the storms. 
He also wanted to show us this cool rock on a mountain that was shaped like a turtle. 
So he took us right up to the mountain! 
We were bouncing all over the place because of the wind coming over the mountain. 
Sorta scary!! But we made it back to Namplua safely.

The big rain storm that we had to go around!
Yep…right up to the mountain!! First class baby!!
See the turtle?!? We are not using zoom, we were that close!
Arriving in nampula.

 We had a fun little trip to Malawi!!