Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HG Team -- Part 3 -- By Meg

 On sunday we went to the church that we would be doing VBS at.
 It is the Harrell's home church here in Mozambique. 

All the women in their matching Capulanas. 
Sunday school for the adults. I didn't get any pictures of the children's! OPPS! Sorry!
All the cameras out! And also Lilly and Dylan dancing to the music.
They were copying the Africans moves.
Mr. Ron showing the kids some pictures in the back of the church.
The women putting on a performance for us!
These sweet kids trying to see whats going on. 

Coming up next: The start of VBS!!


HG Team -- Part 2 -- By Meg

The next day, Saturday, the team was going to teach the
 Mozambican leaders in this church how to teach children. 
Children in this culture are not accepted very often. 
The team had to teach them how to talk nicely and how to be gentle 
with your words and how to encourage. 
They also had to teach them how to come up with activities.
 It was great for these men and women to have some guidance in their steps that they take.

This is the church building.
Inside the church just getting started.
teaching some games.
Having so much fun!
Mrs. Lisa teaching. 
Teaching that if you get in a circle you can see al the kids faces.
And also some hand games/songs.
While the adults were teaching, 2 teens, Anna and I worked on lunch
 (Anna is doing the same thing that Sheldon did with us. 

She is teaching the Harrell kids school. She is 18 years old.)
And chicken!! (And also rice but I didn't get a picture of that! So sorry!)
This is how most Mozambicans cook. 
Anna working hard!!
We also had a little friend with us in the kitchen! He was so sweet!!
Sonia washing dishes!
Mrs. Connie holding this sweet baby boy! They were buddies most of the day!

I could eat her with a spoon!!
Waiting on lunch! 

We went home very tired and ate some dinner and went to bed!

This was the sunset! Beautiful!!

The next blog will be about our church experience!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

HG Team -- Part 1 -- By Meg

On Thursday the 18th a team from our home church came to work 
with the Harrell family in Nacala. So we tagged along!
 It was so fun to get to see some friends that we haven't seen in over a year and a half! 
We had a great time! 

Waiting to pull out of the airport! 
Dad tying the trunks to the top of the car. 
On the road to Nacala.
Mom talking to the men about buying some bananas. 
Mrs. Ginger's first African banana!
Look at the car in front of us and you can see
all of the heads sticking up.
This is a very common way to travel. 
 We got to Nacala and ate some dinner got some showers then went to bed.
 Then next day, friday ,the women went out to the market. 
We also went to pray with a couple that just lost 2 children. 
A 3 year old and a 1 month old. 

This man was so interested in showing her the goat head. Every part of it too! 

Sweet face!

The market was inside this building.
We also went to another market to find some Capulanas (the wrap skirt here) for the women that we helping us during our trip. 

This crowd came to watch us! Can you see the white women?
We were trying to find some shade.
Picking it out!
It is very common to match here if you are having a conference or a special accession!
So we all got one!

Sweet baby girl all wrapped up when it is 100 degrees.
This is why they are so accustom to the heat.
The trek of white women!!! 
Anna and me on our way home! 

We were stuffed into the car like sausages! 
We then went home cooked lunch and dinner, then took some showers. 
More blogs coming about the rest of the trip! 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Wild Things -- By Meg

We have had some things happening and I thought that you guys would like to know!!! 

Yesterday and today has been very cool for Mozambique.
 About the upper 70's with some rain.
It has been this cold in Zambia and South Africa, but not Mozambique! 
So we were all bundled up! But mom and dad weren't even the slightest bit cold! 

And also our cat, Daisy, has been a piece of work! 
She will get into everything and go to the bathroom in her cage, all the time! 
(We have even had some meltdowns about that! :))
But she is bringing joy to the family! 
Yesterday night I walked into the pantry/laundry room and I saw her up on the wire shelf!
 I was so amazed that she could get her little self up there!!! It was crazy!

Today  our house worker, Anita, and I made some Apas (Tortillas). 
It was good for me because I haven't had that much practice practicing my
 Portuguese so I have forgotten some!!
 So I was able to make some nice conversation with her
 and she seemed to be warming up around me!
 Even though she didn't really know how to make the Apas and
 I had to teach her how to make them while teaching myself because I forgot also! 
But they turned out SOOOOOO good! 

Mom and Dad have also been doing language 3 days a week. Our friend Flora is here for collage and she had some extra time to come and teach them in the afternoons! 
They seem to be doing well! 

That is what has been going on! We have a CRAZY life!!