Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pools and Pigs -- By Meg

Today we had many exciting things going on in our house! 
This morning we went to the pool and got very bad sun burn 
even thought we all had 50 SPF on!
Then this afternoon we got a pig! YAH!

This little pool was very dirty.
You can tell that they forgot about cleaning this one!
But that didn't stop Lilly! 
Emma and Bionda. This pool wasn't very dirty..but you couldn't see the bottom! 
Mom and Suzana studying
Very bad sun burns! 
I needed to put this in a blog, but I haven't gotten a chance.
So, I decided to put it in this one because it will be our lunch tomorrow.
This is no lie. This is how big our chickens are that we buy at the store! TINY!
More sun burns!
 This face is a warning! If you get nightmares easily....don't move on! 

Yep! It is what you think it is! A PIG!! A real (not live) pig! 
The story goes..
 Pork here is VERY we decided to buy a whole pig...
but the head we gave away!

You can tell that it is harder to cut than a chicken!
Aren't you glad you don't have to do this!
Look at her face! It was VERY hard at points! 
Our ribs! 
Feetless...One armless...and tailless! 
Our pig!
Pascoa told us that the ears are very good in beans! We looked at her like she was crazy! She said that she could fix it and we would like it, but we told her not this time!

Well, we can't wait for Thanksgiving! We will do another blog about it later! 
Eat some turkey for us!! We won't be having any!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sunday in Illilane

Last Sunday we went out of town to visit another Baptist Church. We took two nationals with us that were raised in this community: our friend and pastor João Sulude and Ismania, a lady that I have met a few times at the women's conferences. We enjoyed their company and insights on the ride.

Heading out of town
We enjoyed singing with João and Ismania on the way.

When we arrived we found a large church full of people

Love the cheerleading suit!
Order of worship
Both the youth and the women did a song and dance thing.
Here is Lilly and Emma getting a bit tired of sitting.
Lee getting ready to preach....but first he had to embarrass his great friend João,
by saying good things about him and forcing him to translate this into Chuabo. 
Preaching (in Portuguese) and translating (into Chuabo)
Sweet faces watching
Some of then are hanging onto every word....others...were sleeping.
These young guys were finding the passage in this
little New Testament Bible like we give our children as infants.
After church we went out of shake hands
Then we decided that we would teach the children a song or 2
We were doing "Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia, Praise Ye the Lord" in Portuguese.
(Love our faces!)
Lunch is about ready

After we sang for a while we started playing "Duck, Duck, Goose"
except that they don't really have geese so we do  "Duck, Duck, Chicken"
In the process we found this 2 week old baby
Waiting to play
Meghan going a great job playing!
Lilly doing a great job helping!
Lee, a machete and a coconut
Just hanging out waiting for lunch
Another sweet baby that I found
Time for lunch
Can you tell how hot it is? 
rice and chicken sauce
Enjoying village rice
She ate 2 plates!
Hanging out until it is time to leave
The Church
Sweet girl
These sweet kids were waiting outside for us while we ate.
How cute is she!
They gave us an offering of a chicken, a bag of rice and some coconuts
No fear!
While we were driving back home we noticed these dome-shaped houses of straw.
They are temporary houses that people build in the community where their rice field is.
They go and stay there for a few days and then go back home.
Then they do it all over again the next week.
Some of the regular houses were crazy small.
This is a family's home in process.... cool!
Here is one of the rice fields we went through to get back to the main road.