Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Little Bit of Normal -- By Meg

In the past week Granny and Pa have gotten to do many new things. 
They have also gotten to help around the house! 
We have had a fun time! 

We have been playing some games in our yard.
Here we are playing soccer.
We had a little drainage issue so Dad, Pa, and our guard, Albano, worked on it.
It smelled HORRIBLE!!
We have also been doing a little bit of school.
We went to Library Day on Tuesday afternoon.
This was the view from the top of the hill.
We live on the other side of the hill.
Every night we watch family TV.
Granny and Pa have to job of cleaning a room that has lots of kitchen-ware in it.
Here Granny is washing some of the ministry plates and cups.
Lilly has been sick for the past 2 days so she has been relaxing a bit! 

We have also been playing a lot. 

We found out that if we take the hand-trucks and sit on it we can push each other on it! It is SOOOOOO fun!!!
Lilly felt a little better so she joined me and Emma outside for some fun!!! 

Emma loves to play with these girly legos.

We haven't been doing anything but a normal life in the making! 


Friday, June 21, 2013

Granny and Pa Arrive -- By Meg

Yesterday our Granny and Pa arrived in Mozambique. Last week dad drove down to South Africa to take a truck to have some work done on it. So he got to fly up with Granny and Pa! 
Granny and Pa will be staying with us for about 3 weeks.

Waiting for their plane.
Here it comes!

There they are!!! 

We have also been sitting and talking a lot! 

Mom did flash cards with Lilly while she swung on the swing.

More to come on some of the things that we will do!


Friday, June 7, 2013

The Teague's -- Part 7 -- By Meg

We have had a busy couple of days! Flora came over one day to cook some African food for us! It was so good and Hannah LOVED the chicken! She couldn't get her hands off it!!

Hannah and I also dressed Lilly up as a princess!

One day a couple of weeks ago my parents were walking down our 
street for language and they came upon an orphanage. 
They went in and and found out that it was a Mother Teresa orphanage. 
Mother Teresa started a program called Missionaries of Charity. 
You have to go through a process to be one. 
This is one of her Missionaries of Charity orphanages.
 Mom and Dad asked if Mom and I could come once a week and love on the children. 
They said yes!
The children in this orphanage have lost their mothers in birth or soon after.
We took the Teague's with us this week!

This is how they feed the babies.
We looked like this most of the time!

This is the room with all the babies that can't walk yet.

They take the children that can walk outside to play.

 We had a great time with many getting wet-on...seeing many naked babies...seeing many screaming faces..and much more!!

But it came a time when we had to say goodbye!

On the way to the airport.
Checking in.
They were on the Johannesburg flight.
Waiting for their plane.

It finally got there and we said a very sad goodbye.

We will look forward to seeing our friends again!