Monday, September 2, 2013

Church This Sunday -- By Meg

This Sunday, ladies from another church in Nampula came 
to visit our church. 
Our church was all about this. 
The ladies got matching Capulanas (the wrap skirt), they cleaned up the church grounds, 
and they were very excited about these ladies coming. 
We had Sunday School first. Then about half way through Sunday School the ladies arrived. 
About 20 ladies came!

The pastor and Mom wanted me to teach the little bitties during Sunday School.
So we practiced a song over and over and over and over and over to sing during church. 
These are the new believers. They will be getting baptized soon.

The older kid's class.
When everyone was presenting what they learned in SS, me and my little class sang a song.
They did so good!!
We had the Lord's supper.

And Uncle David preached.
He and His wife stayed with us for a couple of days . 
All of our women singing.

Sweet Cila looking in at everything going on.
The visitors singing.

The youth singing.

All the men for our church watching and videoing the women. 
Some of the visiting women. 
She is precious!!
Oh Happy Day!
Great face mom!
They could see straight into the church.
The women singing again! I think they got up and sang about 4 times!
Sweetest girl!!
They sang about 3 or 4 times too!

It was a great Sunday! But boy was it HOT!! 


My Teaching -- By Meg

On Saturday morning I taught the children's class that I have started. 
The ages ranged 3-11. 
It was a great group and I felt a lot more confident in myself this week. 

Playing with the parachute! They love it!!
Playing a game for the story.

Coloring our papers

My sweet group
Just for fun!!!
Thanks to whomever has been praying for me!! Your prayers are working!


Birthday Horses -- By Meg

On Friday Emma wanted to go to the horses for her birthday on Saturday. 
We couldn't go on Saturday because I had to teach the kids at church. 
So went went on Friday. 
Emma wanted to pack a lunch and have a picnic with the horses.
 So we packed up a lunch and headed out to the barn. 

Checking his legs.
Cleaning her hooves.
Ain't that lovely!!! 

She is getting better and better!!!
She thought she was a jockey!!

She sat down and started pouting because I wanted a turn with her horse!! 

That horse IS NOT very comfortable without a saddle!
Eating lunch!
The Birthday Girl!!
The Crazy Little Sister! :)
She wanted to eat with me! She stayed there for a while!
One quick story! Don't be disturbed! 
So After lunch Emma and Lilly got on their horses and stared around this trail. 
They started around, all was fine. 
I was watching them while Mom, Dad, and another missionary lady (who has been staying with us for a couple of days) were talking. 
 Then, all of a sudden I saw a horse's head fly in the air above the wall!! 
I said, "Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!" 
And I started running to find them and almost got trampled by the 2 horses running away. 
And Emma and Lilly were not on their backs!!!!!
I ran to Lilly and Emma. 
Lilly was on the ground and Emma was collecting the saddle pad things. 
So to make this long story short. 
The horses got spooked and reared back and threw Emma and Lilly off. 
Emma didn't get hurt but Lilly hit her head on the ground and on the horse's hoof. 
She was able to stand up and get back to the stable. 
Lilly thought Emma's horse got to close to her horse and that is what made him go crazy. 
They weren't very happy with each other.
But then we found out that there was a snake right where they were and
 that was what probably spooked them. No one was hurt but Lilly is sore today. 
Thank the Lord no one got hurt!!!