Friday, January 25, 2013

MK Camp -- By Meg

MK camp is where the MKs from southern Africa come together in South Africa and have camp!!! It is such a good time to meet new friends. I will tell you all about it!!! Part of the reason why we wanted to go to South Africa is for me to go to camp. It was December 28th - January1st. 

You meet at the guest house and from there on you go to a center for camps called Kadseh Barnea. I was very nervous because I didn't know many people. I only knew a couple of people. So, I got on the bus and sat with my 2 friends Hannah and Emma. I had already known them from 40/40. We talked and played some games and then we were there! 

On the bus!!!
Emma, Me, and Hannah
Me and Emma
Me and Hannah
Then I meet my new friend Evie. So after we waited for our luggage to be unloaded, we got our luggage and went to our rooms. I was rooming with 4 other sweet girls! 
They are Phoebe, Joy, Jasmine, and Mya. And our counselor Sarah. 

Looking down from my bed
I am on the top bunk. Phoebe is on the bottom.
(Phoebe is still asleep.) 
My bed
So after we got settled we went and had lunch. 
Then after lunch we went and got our picture made. It was SO hot! 

Can you find me?!?
Just for fun I wanted to put this picture in because it shows how we all felt when the pictures were not being taken!!! It was so hot! And the sun was in our eyes! 
Only because I know lots of these people I think it is funny!!!
 So if you don't laugh it is fine!!! 
(Sorry that it is kind-of blurry!) 

Oh my! 
After taking pictures we went inside and the team from the states that came to lead the camp introduced themselves.Then we played some "get to know you" type games. It was so fun but since there were no ACs it was really hot in the room. After that we had free time. Then after free time we ate dinner. After dinner we had worship and small groups. My small group was 13 and 14 year olds. Then we went and got some clothes on that could get dirty in Extreme Capture the Flag!!! (In the pitch black darkness!!!) So then we played Extreme Capture the Flag! It was so fun!!!! After that we were all so tired and we knew that we had to get up really in the morning so we went to bed at about 12:00. In the morning I got up at about 5:00. All of the light was coming in and on my side of the room!!! :) And people were being loud opening and closing their suitcases. So I got up and did some quite time then they had some breakfast for the early risers. So after we had breakfast some of us played 4 square. After that most everyone was up so we had worship and small groups. After about 1 1/2 hours of that we went outside and played some games. It was so hot so I drank about 3 cups of water and me and my friends poured water on each other! You know its camp!!! So then we had lunch and after lunch we played Uno. But camp style. It is very hard to explain so will just leave it as it was hot and fun!!! So then we had free time and then dinner, then worship and small groups and then we all played Minute-To-Win-It!! It was so fun!!! The next day (Sunday) was about the same, except we watched The Advengers for the night thing. (You know we played capture the flag and that.) So then on Monday we did mostly the same thing. I got pushed in the pool at free time and then that night (it was New Years) we had a bonfire and a party!!! At the bonfire some of us told our testimonies and we told how God has worked in our life in the past year. Then at the party they have music going and everyone dances to it and you eat watermelon and strawberries!!! It was so awesome!!! After that we stayed up and talked. Then at 3:00am we finally started getting ready for bed. 

At party!!! It was western themed!
Mya, Hannah, Bethany, Me, and Evie
So then on Tuesday we all had to say good bye! That was so hard because I had made so many great friends! After we got off of the bus we all went to this field and all got in a circle and it is very hard to explain but you go in a circle and everyone hugs everyone. No matter if you like them or not!! 
Then I had to say good bye for real!!!Wahhhhhh!!!!! Boooo Hoo!!!! 
But I can't wait for next year and I can't wait to see everyone else! 

My friends!!!
Mya, Hannah, Evie, and Me!!
Also, durring camp on every wall there is a paper for each camper. While at camp you have the opportunity to write on each camper's paper. You can write anything you want to write. This was my paper at the end of camp! It was such an encouragement to me! It is right by my bed so I see it everyday and I also get to see how many people care for me and love me! So whenever I feel like I have a horrible life as an MK I just think of all of my friends that are praying for me and know and understand what I am going through. 
(FYI-The back is filled up also!)

I hope that all made sense and you got to see a little bit of of all the fun that I had!


Lilly's Birthday -- By Meg

December 30 was Lilly's 9th Birthday! She is such a sweet little girl and she is growing up so fast! We look at pictures and can't believe how much she has grown!!!!
 I love you so much Lilly!
 I am praying for you!!!

The birthday girl!!!!
Uncle John (not our real uncle but missionaries call their fellow missionaries uncle and aunt) gave her a thing of chocolate candies!!! 

The reason why you don't see me is because I am at camp. (A blog is coming!!!)
I know! I didn't see her on her birthday! She was so mad at me!!! Hehe!!

Gift time!!!!

I am pretty sure that she had a great birthday!!! 
Even though I wasn't there, I heard a lot about it!!!!


A Wonderful Blessing -- By Meg

While trying to make a plan to get us back to our hotel, a couple drives up and asks us if there is anything they can do to help. So we are like, "Well we have to get to our hotel so you could help us with that." So they are like "Hop in the car!" So, Mom, Dad, Sheldon, Emma, and Lilly get in their car. Me, Grandma, and Granddad get in a little truck that the tow-truck man owned. To get a glims of what our driver was driving like, look at the first picture! Soon after we got in the car grandma said, "Put your seatbelt on Meg! I think he knows 2 speeds, fast and slow." So ya! We were laughing so hard! I was terrified because there were all these curves and we had seen some accidents!!! So, while we were about to die, my parents, Sheldon, and my sisters are in a VERY nice Land Rover. Then, when we got out of the car at our hotel they are like see you guys tomorrow. I am like, "" So he told me that this nice couple had invited us to their house for a braii (a BBQ). They have a farm and they are macadamia nut farmers. The next day we went to their house! They picked us up in 2 cars at our hotel and took us to their house. 

When we got there all of their 6 dogs came to greet us! And when the door opened all of the dogs followed after us! They went everywhere we went!!!

Emma loved having a lot of dogs to play with and a lot of room to play in!!! 
Lilly fell in love with a German Shepard while there!!!
I have never seen a dog this tall! And he enjoyed the sofa too! 
We all laughed at this! He doesn't really like dogs so that makes it 10 times funnier!!! 
Play Play Play!!!!
 One of their dogs is a Labrador and she loves to swim! If we had known that they had a pool and their dogs were allowed in it then we would have bring b-suits. But we didn't know. But they have a daughter and she had some left over from when she was little. They were just E and L's sizes!!!

Come on get in!!!
After playing and eating we went to see their horses!!! We got to feed and ride them!!! 
It was so fun! 

This dog found them and stuck to them like glue!!! It was so cute!!!

Time to ride!!!

She would have ridden all day!!!
She thought she was big stuff!!!!
My turn!!!
Sheldon's turn!!!
 Everyone couldn't believe that me and Shel rode the horse! 
We were like, "We like horses too!!!"

Us and the sweet couple (and some of their dogs) that picked us up!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Elephant Adventure -- By Meg

When we got to the Elephant Sanctuary, Grandma, Emma, and LIlly quickly went with their guide to the elephants. They had a blast! 

(Most of the pictures explain themselves!)

First they looked and touched their elephant. Every "group" (Like a family or in our case a grandma with 2 kids! ) is assigned to an elephant.  

Ever time I see this grandma it makes me laugh!!!!
They wanted to let E and L get a "kiss" from the elephant but only grandma would let him! 

Would you believe it if we told you it was a baby?!?!?
Next they walked with the elephant. You put your hand up its nose!! I know TMI!!!

Then you get to feed the elephant. 

Then you get to ride!!!!

Waiting for their turn.

Emma on her elephant

Lilly and Grandma on their elephant

Check out our next blog post to see what amazing event happens next!!!