Thursday, March 14, 2013

Now in Nampula -- By Meg

After being on the road for so long we were ready to get home. Nampula has some bad roads and they are doing construction, so it took a little longer to get through town. 
But we finally got home. 

Here is our house when we first arrived!

Our kitchen
Our living room.
My parents room
My room
Emma's Room
Lilly's room.
After that it has never been that neat and tidy. 
The next blog post will show what our house looked like as we started to up pack all of our things.


Our Roadside Adventure -- By Meg

All of a sudden bump, bump, bump...and Dad says we have a flat tire on our trailer. 

We get out and I quickly start taking pictures. Mom, April, Sheldon, and Lilly go and find a tree to stand under. We quickly draw a crowd..but they stand at a far distance. Emma is walking Ode and Dad is trying to get the lug-nuts off. But they won't budge. Finally, he gets them off and puts another tire on. We are about a 1 drive from a town that has some IMB workers. It was an adventure! It took us about 9 hours to get to Nampula when it would usually take us about 6 or 7 hours. 

Our loaded car! 
The tire
That day was so hot! So we tried to stay as cool as possible.
In the middle of nowhere! 

Walking Ode

Poor Dad had already taken a shower that morning
because he got so sweaty doing the last minute things on the car.
He also got a bad sunburn! 
CIA how cool!
This man wanted to help dad for money. 
Trying to see what the white folks are doing. 

Well now we can say we have had a flat tire in Africa! YAH! At least we got there safely!


The Rest of Packing and Riley -- By Meg

After packing up our whole house we put everything into a BIG pile beside the truck and trailer. First, Dad started loading stuff into the trailer. The trailer really helped us be able to carry most of our things to Nampula. We got everything to fit! 

Packing the trailer. 
Dad put the plastic in it so the stuff wouldn't get wet.   

It was SO hot! 
It is starting to fill up
The stuff just kept on coming!
We finally got the inside packed! Then it was onto the top. 
Our day helper was ready to do whatever to help us. 
At last this was all that was left to go into the inside of the truck with us. 
On the same day that we packed the car we also took Riley to her new home. 

We knew that we didn't want to take Riley with us to Nampula. So we went back and forth on who to give her to. Our house worker Pascoa showed some interest in getting her. So we prayed about it and we decided to give Riley to Pascoa. 

She has just built this new house. She is very proud of it. 

Pascoa and her grandson. He was very nervous about Riley. 
Emma and Dad made this "African dog house" for  her a couple months ago. 
This is Pascoa's old house. 
Please pray that Riley will come to love Pascoa and her new home. 

The next blog will be about our road trip adventures!