Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sheldon's Here!

The Lord blessed our family with a new member this week. Back in March, we felt Him leading us to invite a young lady to come live with us for a while. We knew that when Sally left to go back to the states I would need help with the girls to be able to continue my Portuguese studies. Immediately we knew who the Lord had chosen to come...Sheldon Smith from Charlotte!
After months of waiting, finally the time came for her to arrive. Our family drove to the city of Nampula to get her. 

Off we go!
The beautiful trip to Nampula......
enjoying God's creation.
The hillside covered in huts
The next day we went to the airport to get her.
The mountains just behind the runway.
Just spotting her plane
It's here!!
On the ground!
Can you see her? With the the middle...
See me? I was trying so hard to get the guard at the door to let me in
to help her through immigration and have her bags checked.
He wouldn't let me!!!
Finally, we had her!
This is the sign Emma made for Sheldon.
They are so happy she is here.
All the girls

The whole family!
Sheldon having a chance to read her sign.
We love her so much already! She is perfect for our family.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend in the Bush

During this time of year the women in the Baptist Mission of Mozambique have conferences in different areas to teach and strengthen the women. I was able to go to my first conference, WAY out in the bush, weekend before last.

I was excited, but a bit nervous. I knew that we would be camping out, but I didn't know exactly what that looks like here. I knew that we would eat whatever was put in front of us, but I didn't know exactly what that would be. And we would be hours away from home with no clean water other than what we took and hours away from cell phone coverage. Let the memories begin!

We travel for about 3 1/2 hours out of town to a small village. was less than a village. Houses were very spars and people walked very long distances to get there. For a large portion of the way I rode in the back seat of the Dina's truck with one normal sized and two very large sized African ladies that were leading the conference. I wish I had a picture of me plastered up against the door! You will just have to imagine!
This was April's first trip out of Quelimane.
The leadership of the conference enjoyed meals together.
The church is in the back.
In the front is a little structure used for meals and small meetings.
You see our tents between the building? There were 3.
Wanne, April, and I slept in the little orange and white tent in the middle.
Notice the solar panel on the roof. This is to give power to the projector
that showed the Jesus film that night.
This little girl came cruising by on this big bike
while I was taking the above picture.

During the meeting Saturday, April read a Psalm.
Most of the women brought their small children with them.
Notice the necklace the little girl has around her neck.
This from the traditional healer.
It is placed around the neck of small children to protect them from harm and sickness.
(It is the same thing as the bracelets in other blog posts.)
It is very hard for these new believers to let go of those traditional beliefs when they come to Christ.
Pray for strong faith!!
Look see our goat hanging?
It was just killed and skinned.
It was very tasty.....after it was cooked I mean.
Here you can see the cooking area under the trees.
The participants came and slept and cooked right here the whole weekend.
In the distance you can see our chairs facing the area where the women sat for the sessions.
Just for this conference they made a temporary grass fence
so that we could sit outside instead of in the hot dark church.
By mid-day the children had fallen asleep on the mats in front of their moms.

April's first taste of sugarcane.
This little guy found a plastic bag for a hat and chilled on the drum for an entire session.
My turn! I gave my testimony in Portuguese for the first time.
The guy with the "American Idol " shirt is translating it into the tribal language.
While we were there, we painted the ladies' and girls' nails.
And a few little boys....
Sunday Morning
Using a party favor whistle as a rhythm instrument
Africans love "Obama gear"!

It was a very fun weekend and great seeing women coming to learn more about God's word. I am thankful for strong national pastors and women's leaders that make weekends like this happen. Good things are happening for the kingdom of God. Yet, there is still SO much work to do. 


Monday, August 20, 2012

My First Teaching in Portuguese

Sorry that I am way behind on my blogging. 
Since Sally left for the states I have had many responsibilities. 
I am going to try to catch up this week.

A couple of Sundays ago I taught Sunday School in Portuguese for the first time. Sally had let Quelimane for the states and Wanne was gone to a conference.  So it was my turn to start teaching. I was prepared to teach the smaller children, those 10 and under. But, the gentleman that normally teaches the older children during Sunday School had to teach the adults. So, that left me to teach everyone! I never thought that I could pull it off.....but I did it! I actually did a whole Bible lesson in Portuguese!!! Now don't get me wrong, I couldn't have done it from memory. I had to read it. But it was a giant confidence booster for me. The girls were also proud of themselves for helping so much. I was a proud Momma, too!

Getting started with some songs. 
The Lesson....Jacob and Esau 
Notice Bionda helping me a little with some pronunciation.
It was so great to teach again!!!
Giving out their coloring sheets
sweet faces
There were around 90 kids there.
Trading for a different color

We tried to play some games, but we ran out of time.

The beginning of my new teaching is a beautiful thing. God is good!