Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Packing our Crate

Less than a week before we left to come to Virginia for training, we packed our wooden crates to be shipped to Mozambique. It was a huge blessing to get to send things to our new country in this way. Most families are not allowed to do this because their country does not allow it.

Along with having so many other things we had to do, we worked diligently for weeks trying to prepare for this event. Having never done anything like this we didn't know much about what to expect.

There were many things to purchase to send ahead to use in Africa.

We also went through our things and decided what needed to go with us and what did not.

The day before crating day, I had 3 precious friends help me pack boxes, inventory everything that would be going into the crate, and take our kids to church. One special friend even stayed all night to help us. That night we got about 3 hours of sleep.

By the end of the night (or should I say into the early morning) we had most of our boxes packed and things moved into our breakfast room ready for the movers to come.

The big day arrived with rain showers in the area. Just as the moving company was on their way the rain got heavier and heavier. There is no garage or even a car-port at the mission house. So, we loaded everything into a truck and followed our crates back to the warehouse.

Once we got there we spread everything out on the floor. At that point they told Lee to take as long as he needed to finish.  So, he and one of their employees got to the business of getting as much as possible into these 2 small crates.

One crate fully packed...one more to go!!!

About 6 hours later....we signed the papers and were done!

Many months from now, we will see all that stuff again. I wonder what condition that wooden box will be in then? Stay tuned....


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Address in Richmond

If you are interest in sending any of us mail while we are in training, here is our address.

International Learning Center
c/o (our name) Quad 24A
16492 MLC Lane
Rockville, VA 23146

We would love to hear from you!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

We made it!

Monday of this week was a very long day. Everything that we would need for our 2 months of training had to be carefully packed into Lee’s Honda pilot. The packing list included shoes and clothing for 5 people, coats, jackets, and gloves for the cold weather that is to come, games and books for the girls, and so many other things. It was a hoot! Not an inch of space went unused. Even the car's jack compartment was used for storage.

After many hours, we were on our way! The girls were in the car like sardines in a can. Yet, not a complaint was issued the entire way to Virginia. Lilly said, "This is a great memory. I think we will tell our children about it." I hope they always remember the time that God sent us to Africa to tell people about Jesus.

Around 9pm Monday evening we pulled up to the International Learning Center. It had been a very long day. 

I would love to share about the last 2 weeks. There is so much to tell and show you in pictures. In the days to come I will try to go back and post about our adventures.

For now, love to everyone!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do not store up for yourselves...


Why, oh, why do we accumulate so much stuff? I hope I never again have as much stuff as we had 6 months ago. 

In an attempt to get rid off everything that we would not need for training in Richmond or ultimately in Africa, we had a yard sale in May. That was just the beginning! After that, we sold things on Craig's List and through our virtual yard sale. We gave things to family and friends. I took load of boxes to be donated. Yet....we still had enough for this huge yard sale this past Saturday.

Thank you to my sweet friends, Ashley, Julie, and Shannon for helping me on Friday and Saturday. I could not have done it without you girls!!!

We sold about half of our stuff on Saturday. 

Today, Bill and Bruce from the Salvation Army came and picked up the rest!

Good Job guys! You see, these men have had some hard times, but are working hard to stay on their feet. Bill and Bruce are putting their hope in the Lord. Are you?

Lesson learned over the past 6 months....there is freedom in having less....