Friday, June 13, 2014

Jennings -- First Days -- By Meg

On Sunday May 25 our friends the Jennings Family came to visit us in Nampula. 
This was their first time to visit Africa. 

Their plane landing.
Welcome To Mozambique

Here they come!

Putting their bags on the top of the car.
Katherine and Lilly
We hung out the rest of the afternoon then went to bed early. 
Then on Monday we hung out at home and went to the pool at a hotel here in town. 


We love to have friends over! 
Check out the next blog to see what else we did with our friends!

Sunday in Nacuia -- by Meg

About three Sundays ago we went to Nacuia to visit the mission church there. 

The last time that we visited Nacuia was in October last year. 
They have done lots of work on the church building, and they are continuing to grow in numbers too. 

Their new church building. 
I was asked to teach the children after we got there. I had already gone ahead and packed a little bag of coloring pages before we left Nampula. 
It is very normal to be asked to teach or preach on the last minute. 
I wasn't very happy that I had to step up and be the leader again,
 but the kids were very sweet so it wasn't that bad!

The finished product

Mom was able to teach the ladies
Dad was asked to teach the youth at the last minute also.
After Sunday school you go back into the church and everyone tells what they learned.
I taught my kids a song, and we sang it when it was our turn to tell what we learned. 
Lots of times they will get a child to take up the offering.
It is not unusual for people to give an offering of food or crops.
This day two ears of corn was part of the offering.
Dad preaching
It was a beautiful day.
Eating rice, beans, and chicken two weeks in a row!!
The road home!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Trip to Quelimane -- By Meg

A couple of weeks ago we traveled to Quelimane. 
We went to see our old Pastor there get ordained at the church 
that we attended when we lived in Quelimane. 
It was a get time and we enjoyed every minute to it!

Traveling to Quelimane.
There are many rivers between Nampula and Quelimane.
Almost every river has ladies washing clothes in it. 
People came from all over to attend this special service. 
It is cuturely appropriate for the men to sit in chairs in the front.
And women and children normally sit on the ground on mats. 
Pastor Joao and his wife. 
Emma and Me
There were LOTS of people. 
Praying over the Pastor
The people were so happy for the pastor that they picked him up!
In Mozambique it is not appropriate to smile during a special service.
It is very sad that the pastor couldn't rejoice with everyone else.
One of our very special friends had a baby last year,
and we were able to see him when we visited this time.
This is baby Marcos.
You will always have food at a special event here!
Lilly and Emma
Our food!!! YUM!!
Rice and beans is my all-time favorite food here!
The kids always share plates here. 
We had a wonderful time visiting our friends in Quelimane!