Saturday, November 22, 2014

What's Up? -- By Meg

Since the team left we have been so busy trying to get back into the swing into things. 
We also got approved to have some (actually quite a bit) of work done on our house. 
Then there is school.  We need to finish this school year before we go back to the states next year. Even in the midst of everything going on right now, we are making good progress.

All three of our "guards" are working on the outside of our house. We also have two pastors from Quelimane (where we lived for language) helping inside the house. 

Here are some of the things that have to/are getting done. 
We have to replace the roof. Half of it is already done, they just have to finish the other half. 

We are scraping the paint off of the whole house…then painting it. 

Us three girls are moving down stairs so that we can make the
 whole upstairs a guest house for when we have visitors. 
We will be enclosing a porch to make a bedroom since there are only two small bedrooms downstairs. So the three guards have been working on that small project. 

It might sound like not very much. But it is so a lot of work. Boy howdy, they are working all day long, sun up to sun down, to get this house done by a certain time. 
Please pray that everyone will be safe while working and that they will be able to do everything in a timely manner. 

Church is still the same. Some of the youth saved up their money and bought a keyboard. 
We are very impressed by their talent in playing different instruments!

Mom is still singing with the women. She loves to do this every Sunday. 

We still love our youth. They are so talented!

The kids that come to church love to watch Emma draw things. 
She starts drawing anything and they will be mesmerized. 

Here are some random things that I took a picture of when mom, dad, and 
I went out to buy some things one day.

This man had on real live TOMS!
We were so surprised! They have those nock-off Toms here.
But to see that someone has real TOMS! Crazy!
People sell lots of old used tires here. 
This women had been selling food at lunch time in a market.
She came out of the market with things on her head and in both hands! I could never do this!
Here is a picture of a part of our city. 
Here is a market that is close to our house. 

I hope to update the blog more regularly,  but because school is taking up lots of my time…I might have to give my sisters and mom a turn! How does that sound?!?


Time with the Team -- By Meg

After the meeting ended on Friday morning we headed to our 
house and the women started preparing to teach at our church. 
They planed to wash the women's feet and also paint their nails. 

They had 27 women at their teaching. 
The normal number is around 10-12 women that come each week. 
Wow! Praise God!

Then, on Saturday morning all of us went to the church to teach the kids.
There were over 100 kids there. 
We did not even well publicize that we were going to be there. 
Another amazing act of our God!

Singing some songs!
Na na, na na na na na!
Teaching Creation to Christ, kid version. 
Coloring a picture that helps us remember the stories that we learned.

On Saturday afternoon we had the youth from our church come over 
for some teaching, games, and lots of fun! 

We began with a Bible teaching.

This girl comes to church every week, but did not have a Bible.
So, because of some friends in the states who donated some Bibles,
we were able to give her a Bible.
She is very proud of it! 
Painting nails!
Playing the guitar and drums. 
The cupid shuffle! They loved it!

We wanted to have traditional Mozambique food of rice, beans, and chicken!
We were able to feed all of the youth, the team, three amazing 
cooks, and our family for under $100. 

On Sunday morning we got up and headed to church. 

Stan, Lee, Al (he works with the IMB and came to visit our
 church while spending some time in Mozambique), and John
The American women performing a dance with the Mozambican women.
Shaking hands on the way out of church.

Thank you so much for coming to visit the missionaries in Mozambique! 
We had so much fun with you!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mozambique Meeting -- By Meg

Last week we had a Mozambique Meeting. 
All of the missionaries from Mozambique met in Nampula for a week of meetings and fun. 
A team from our home church in the states, Hickory Grove, came to help with all of the kids. After the meeting they did some ministry around here, but more on that later. They arrived on Sunday afternoon and then we all got started on Monday afternoon with the meeting. 

Hanging out Sunday afternoon

The your from our church had to come over and practice some songs.
Mr. Stan thought it would be fun to sing along with them.
Emma and Mrs. Traci on Monday morning
The older kid class
The younger kid class
During tea time
Lilly with Kate and Dylan, who are some of Lilly's best friends here.
We had lots of fun all during the week.
On Thursday afternoon we had lots of things planned.

Andrew, Kyle, Meg, Hannah, Madi, Emma, and Mrs. Lisa
Meg, Mrs. Lisa, Hannah, Madi, and Evie
We were able to learn about BGR buckets.
The team made a "store" with lots of american treats for each family to get some fun things!
Right before dinner each age group had a presentation to show what we learned. 

The younger kids telling what they learned. 
Everyone singing some songs.
The older kids doing a "skit". 
Me and Hannah
The team that came.
John, Kyle, Shannon, Stan, Traci, Joan, Vladina, Madi, Melissa, and Lisa
The Mozambiuqe Team
After everything was over the team had lots more to do in Nampula…