Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time at the Lake -- By Meg

Last weekend we were able to go and hang out at the lake for a few days. Some very dear people let us use their lake house. It was such a special treat for us!

We arrived on Friday afternoon and we were able to spend a 
couple hours having fun on the water! 

The lake house. It had a huge front porch that was beautiful!
The dock

Dad and Emma on the jet ski.

Dad and Lilly

It was so beautiful!

The sunset on Friday.

On Saturday we invited some friends over to come and hang out at the lake with us! 
We had such a fun time!

Emma and her best friend Sophie kayaking.
Lilly, Katherine, Kayla, and Hannah

Lilly and her friend Katherine
Thanks Dad for taking us out on the lake for 2 straight days.
Meghan and some of her best friends.
Emma and Sophie
Our grandparents were able to come down and spend some time on the lake with us.

We had so much fun at the lake!