Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Team -- Time in the Bush -- By Meg

This past weekend we traveled to our church's mission church 
that is in a village called Nacuia. 
Our main purpose in going was to encourage the believers there 
and to show the Jesus film.

It took about 2 1/2 hours to get there. 
We had a great time with the people in Nacuia.

This was the road most of the way. Sometimes it was much worse.
Soon after we got there, we divided into 3 groups.
Then, we all went separate ways and told people that we were going to have the Jesus film that night.

Bryan telling his testimony while visiting with a family.

We we got back from walking we played some soccer and I sang some with the kids. the recent weeks the members of the church have built this structure.
We were excited to see the work they had done since we last visited.

We also watched the ladies from our church cook dinner.

Emma got bored so she sat and watched a movie.
There was this AMAZING sunset so we just had to take some pictures.

After it started getting dark more people gathered around to watch the film.
This is where we slept.
Then, we got up early Sunday morning for the church service.

Singing a song in English. 
Giving soccer balls as a offering. They were so excited to get a ball.
Counting up the money.
Andy preaching.
Lilly manning the camera.

Stan reading a word of encouragement.

After church we took some pictures by the church.

Having matching capulanas is a big deal here.
So, we just had to get some.

After church we ate lunch.... an African chicken house.

Rosalina and Isabell from our church cooked a served for us.

Here are some pictures that can't really go into a section. 
So, they will have their own section. :)

Dad was watching a short video and all the kids that were near ran by
 and try their best to see what the white man was watching.
The team with the members of this mission church.
All of the girls.

We had a great time in the bush! 
Please pray that this church will grow and that the members will come faithfully.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our Team -- First Days -- By Meg

On Thursday October 24th our first team from the states came to do some work with us. 

The team is Ashley Teague, Shannon Nipper, Janice Treat, Stan Mcgee, 
Andy Davis, and Brian Austin.

They have been doing great.

I want to show you some of the things that we have been doing!

Giving our houseworkers a gift.

Praying with them.
Hemming some of the wrap skirts.

Working on the car.

Preparing tents for our trip to the bush.
Praying with each other.

  Then on Friday night we went to the church and had a welcoming service. 

Dad introducing everyone.
Reading a Psalm. 

Singing a song in English.

Giving the offering.

We have been having a wonderful time with them.  
See the next blog about our time in the bush.