Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home School Week -- By Meg

Outside of Nampula there is an International School. This past week homeschoolers from the area were invited to come to the school for a week of fun activities. I had a blast! 

The Harrell kids joined us too! 

We were very nervous on Monday! 
But, when we got to know some of the other kids we weren't so shy!!

Morning chapel.

We got to do some fun activities while there!

 On Monday I went absailing. 
Then on Tuesday Emma went. 
And on Wednesday Lilly went. 

This is the rock that we went down.
We were the South team and we had to practice as a team to get the fastest time through the obstacle course!

We had art, math, music, and much more Monday through Thursday. 
Then on Friday it was sports day! 
The parents came and got to see our teams and some of the 
fun things that we got to do!
First we showed the parents the song that we learned. 
After singing we got in our teams.
North, South, East, and West
Getting organized
Everyone was screaming! It was very loud!! 

Then we started the games!!!
We had a lot of games. 
One of the first things that we did was the 100 meter dash.

Then the 3 legged race!

This is me and my new friend Avery.

Then the Jump Rope race.

Lilly and Kate were very tired so they sat out a couple of games.
So was Emma!
We had the Long Jump after a couple more races.

Then we had the obstacle corse! 

At one point I was holding a girl with with my left arm and my right arm was on the rope above us, 
and another girl was grabbing my waist! I was about to fall off!!
Then finally tug-of-war!!
We beat every team!! 

Yah! We won!!
We had a great week getting to be with other kids! 

The North team came in first.
West came in 2nd.
South came in 3rd.
And East came in 4th place.
During the week we got to paint a wall at the end of the school.
 The older kids got to pick a word that describes the school and paint it on the wall. 
The rest of the kids got to paint different things! 

Lilly got to paint where she is pointing. 
I did the word FUN! 

We had a wonderful week!!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Out in the Village -- By Meg

Last Saturday we went out to a village about 3 hours out of town to do some teaching with some new believers. It was a long, but good day. 

We headed out about 6:00am and got home about 4:00pm. 

We had to pick some people up along the way.
This river is getting a new bridge.
Now the water is damed up so it is the laundry stop on Saturday morning.

After we got off the main paved road we got on a dirt road. It was absolutely HORRIBLE! 
We bumped all over the back of the car.

Here are some sights along the way.

This was where the dust was settled...
There was a plantation type place that had sisal plants. 
They use the fibers to make sacks for charcoal.
Mom wants a rug!
There were miles and miles of it!!
There was also a lot of cotton.
The people here in Mozambique put stuff on top of their roofs to dry it.
Here they are drying pumpkin and something that is unidentifiable. 
We finally got there after 3 hours! It was a long trip!!

Dad and Pastor João writing down the coordinates in Dad's GPS thing.
There is just a little bit of height difference here!
This is their church.
We had A LOT of onlookers!

When we first got there, there were only a couple of people...but more people came!
The church's Bible that was sitting on the pulpit.

Daddy teaching about putting your trust in the Lord and not things of this world.
After a very long teaching time we got out the nail polish and the frisbees 
and tried to interact with some of the kids and youth.

After a couple of minutes of painting nails and throwing Frisbees we went inside to eat lunch.

We went in ,but saw them through the window still fixing our lunch. So, they brought us a little "snack" of
what looked like a root called cassava all molded but they said that it wasn't cassava it was another root.  
After lunch we said good-bye to everyone and got in the car to head home. 

Me and Lilly were bored so we photo bombed the camera!!! 

On our way home we saw some other missionary girls on the side of the road. 
So we stopped and asked them what was wrong and if they needed a ride. 
They said that they were going to Nacala for a meeting and 
their car had had some problems so they had to stop. 
They got the problem fixed and went on their way.
It was nice getting to talk to them a little.

It was a long fun day!!! And, we made memories!!!