Friday, August 30, 2013

Stretching Myself -- By Meg

This past Saturday was a day that I had to stretch myself. I had to do somethings that
 I haven't done before. First off, let me just say that lots of tears were shed. 

A couple weeks ago the Pastor came to our house to have a meeting with 
my parents about some ministry stuff.  
The pastor came up with the idea about me starting to teach the little kids at church.
 He said that if we start with the kids then the parents will hopefully want to see 
what kinds of things their children are talking about.
So they called me down and he asked me if I would like to start 
teaching the little kids on Saturday mornings.
 I said yes.
 Mom said that I would start teaching them in 3 weeks. 
So that would be August 24. 
Last week I started preparing for my lesson.
 I chose creation to teach on. 
I had some ideas of what I wanted to do in the 2 hours period that they gave me. 
I chose to sing some, play a few little games to try and get them warmed up to me, I also wanted to use my parachute that my Granny gave me for Christmas 2 years ago right before we left to come to Mozambique. I also wanted to do a Bible story. It went great! 
It took me a while to get my grove, but for my first time I think I did pretty good! 
I had about 18 kids there!!

As they started to come in I tossed around this fish that I had to help them get warmed up to me.
Then I got my parachute out.
Then I started teaching.
It was so hot!!! I was dripping with sweat! Can you tell?!?
I was also very nervous about going because every Saturday morning some of the guys from church come and make blocks. I was so afraid that they would stand at the door and stare at me! But they didn't! They just minded their own business.
Here are some pictures of them making the block.

We went home and took my Grandparents to the airport then we came 
back home and relaxed some. 
Then, I got so upset I could hardly control myself. You see, every Saturday afternoon the youth have a little Bible study and they also practice their songs 
and dances for Sunday morning. 
I DID NOT want to go! 
But mom told me that I had to go. I asked her why and she said, You have to go because you have already told them that you were going to come today."  But that didn't help any. 
Then the conversation went like this. 
"Is it normal for you to see them at church every Sunday?" I said, "Yes." Then she said, "Well it is normal now for you to be there, too." 
I was so upset about going because I thought that they would all stare at me. 
So...I told my self that I had to go. So I got dressed then we walked out the door. 
It wasn't that bad once I got there. 

Then it came time to sing up at the front. Emma and Lilly literaly ran to mom. But I told myself that I was going to get up there and sing with them. The only bad part was I was the tallest person! I really wanted to shrink down about 5 inches!! But it wasn't bad!

It is still hard to go to church, but not as hard now. One girl in particular is very nice. Please pray that I would be friends with these girls quickly!!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Saying a Sad Good-Bye -- By Meg

On Saturday we had to get ready to send Grandma, Granddad, and Nanna back to the US. 

The Cook team!
Us in front of our big truck.

Grandma and Granddad in front of our house.
While they were here Grandma and Mom got a outfit made from the wrap skirts here.
Grandma modeled hers. They are so cute and pretty!! 

Then we went to the airport to drop them off.
There they go...

And into the plane.
We had such fun with them!! Please come back soon!!


Grandma, Granddad, and Nanna's Last Sunday -- By Meg

It was their last Sunday here. The pastor had asked Granddad to preach. 
He always loves the opportunity to teach from God's word. 
Normally Dad would translate, but he was worn out from his trip driving back from South Africa and from teaching on Saturday at the mission church and then teaching Sunday School. So, Mom volunteered to translate for Granddad. 

We had a BIG congregation that Sunday.
Granddad preached in English. Mom translated into Portuguese.
And Pastor João translated into Makua. (The tribal language here.) 

The girls singing. 
Dad talking to some of the guys in his class.
Granddad and Pastor João.
(Plus his son Davi.) 
The pastor, his wife, Grandma and Granddad in front of the church building.
After church we went to a restaurant!! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Need some Kittens? -- By Meg

A couple of days ago dad called us downstairs to see 
something that our houseworker wanted to show us. 
So we came down, 
went outside, 
and then saw our house worker holding this little kitten!!! 
We went crazy!! 
A neighborhood cat had her kittens in our they belong to us.
Since then, we have given all of them names and they are loved on for sure!!

Let me introduce you to them!

This is the family.
This is Chika.
This is Starburst.
This is Skeeter.
This is Talla.
And this is the mommy Ada.

It has been so fun getting to know these cute little critters!!

They are tiny! 

They love to play!!

 Our house worker will be taking Chika home in a couple of weeks when she gets bigger. 
It will be very hard for Lilly. 


P.S. Our cat, Kippy, will be having kittens too in a few weeks!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Wonderful Time in Nacuia -- By Meg

This past Saturday, our family, and 19 people from our church 
went to our church's mission church. 
So we piled in our 2 cars and headed out to Nacuia. 
It took about 1 and 1/2 hours on dirt road to get there. 

This is where we picked up most of the people.
The pastor's house is right down there. 

Some of the youth in the back of our truck.
 After jostling around for over an hour, we got there. 

They just put up this structure in the last week. 
 We went inside to introduce ourselves to the members of the church. 

Dad introducing us.
He always makes people smile when he speaks :)
They were very interested in the old white folks! :) 
After we introduced ourselves we spilt into 3 groups. Children and Youth, Men, and Women

It took a lot of courage to go outside and sit with the girls from church.
But, we did it!
Dad and his group.
Mom teaching. 
 After we got used to being outside it wasn't so bad! 

Can you see us?
We played a couple of games.

 Everyone stayed in their groups for about 3 or 4 hours!! 

Dad translating for Granddad

We then had lunch.
Rice, Shema, Chicken, "Salad", and Beans

These were the cooks.

Lunch was cooked and served in a "chicken house" in a long house
where a chicken farmer would raise 1000s of chickens at a time.
This particular chicken house, which is adjacent to the church,
is empty for a few days, so we used it for lunch!
The church's children
These are the girls that I have started a friendship with.
Eunice, Lilly, Me, Sulangi, Zinha, and Rute 

Some of the women from church eating.
Some of the youth and men from Nacuai.
Some of the women from Nacuia.
After lunch we sat and waited for everyone else to finish eating.

How sweet?!?
Nanna loved holding this sweet little girl.
The funny part is that just after Grandma took this picture, she wanted to hold the baby, too.
Within minutes the baby did a "major number" and the diaper leaked and poo got all over Grandma's shirt.
She had to go next door and borrow a lady's blouse and so that the mother of the baby could wash her shirt!

Then I decided to get the nail polish out. The girls from our church LOVED it! 
They were painting and painting their nails!! 

Then it got a little crazy and the kids just kept on coming in, so I put it away. 
The men had to go visit a sick boy so we waited at the church. 

Montinho has really tried to help us adjust to being at church and he has helped us get to know the kids some.
He loves to draw so Emma has been helping him. 

I think we wore Nanna out!
This is the church's well.
We had one more time for offering and reviewing the day at the end.
Grandma was asked to pray at the end of our service.
Then, we packed up and headed back to Nampula.
Please pray for this mission church in Nacuia. Pray that when we go back in October that many people would come see the Jesus film and come to church. 
Also pray that our friendship with the girls at church would grow quickly.