Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Sunday on the Road -- Part 2

We arrived at the church with a HUGE crowd of people singing praises to the Lord. Wow!
The children, of course, came to greet us!
They sat us up front....again
The HUGE crowd!!!
The sweet faces that kept crowding in behind us.
The offering.... money, sugar cane, coconuts, oranges,
rice, sweet potatoes, a chicken and a goat 
Mark....preaching the Truth!
Some of those who came forward to receive Christ
This little one's life changed that day.....his mom received salvation in Christ!

After the service we broke for lunch (at 2:00). The hosting church always makes lunch for the special guests.

Meghan loved the goat! Really!
Good stuff....rice, goat, chicken, sweet potato fries
(we are sitting on the "alter" part of the church)
other members of this congregation ate behind us in the church building
Meghan wanted you to see how hot it was.
Inside the church had to be 110 degrees
The other churches make their own meals. Here is a group eating together.
Here is another lady working on her group's lunch.
#2 reason I came to Africa.....African children
(The first reason is to proclaim the gospel)
Lilly found a puppy to pet
After lunch the people had a praise and worship time 
that last for about 2 hours.
Here is the drummer setting up
(see the video below for the songs)
We wanted you to get a taste of Mozambican worship. There are many believers in this small region of the country because so many have come before us, preaching the word of God! There is much work to be done in other parts where there are no followers of Jesus. Enjoy their praise!

And then we were off! Here are the sights out of our car windows.

Out the left
Out the right
On the way back we stopped at the new well for a dedication prayer.
The beautiful African sky at dusk was a perfect backdrop!
A local pastor spoke to the crowd about the Living Water
Emma and her cup of clean water
Everywhere we went we were given gifts.
This is the collection in the back of the Dina's truck.
We got really dirty during our day out.
We had to show you just how dirty :)

Another Sunday on the Road -- Part 1

This Sunday we loaded up for what turned out to be an all day event. A pastor from the Phoenix area is here for the pastor's conference and was scheduled to speak at a village church yesterday. We were invited to tag along and we of course took the invitation. It was a 2 1/2 hour journey into a part of Mozambique that was new to us.
ready to go
rice fields outside of Quelimane....complete with little huts
Imagine how they must flood!
We had to stop to pick up some area pastors to take with us.
We did some car repairs at the pit-stop.
This is actually at a training facility that the Baptist have in this little town.
That is where the men are having the pastor's conference.
It is the African equivalent to RidgeCrest!
Meghan helping Uncle John at the well there.
Our next stop...way down this road....was to see a well that had just been put in 

Thousands of people now come here from miles around to get fresh water
One of the requirements for this well....a gospel preacher
to preach about the "living water" that only Jesus can give 
Just for you Mark Styers and Rusty Shuping!
This is the best one for this area! Familiar with this manufacture?
This is me trying to talk to the kids.
I don't think they see many white people way out here.
They just stared at me!
I cannot express how hot it was.
You can see how these boys are sweating.
It takes Africans quite a bit longer to sweat than Americans.
That's how hot it was!
Little girl with hair extensions :)
We hopped back in the truck and were off to our main destination. It was a village church where as many as 8 churches from the surrounding area were joining together to hear this "American preacher" preach. We really didn't know what to expect (you never do around here). But what we got was not at all what we were thinking. It was a CELEBRATION! We were so blessed just to get to witness it all.

This is the road....it was so sandy....like driving on the beach
Through the tall grass
And into the village
One of their homes
*Check out my next post to hear about the rest of the day!* 


Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Sunday....in Coalane...

I know this is a week late, but I couldn't get to my pictures last week to share them with you. My smart husband has fixed the problem and I am up and blogging!!! I just had to go back and show you these pictures.

Children's Sunday school grows every week. (We were not there yesterday, because we were visiting another church, but I heard that there were 197 kids there!!!!) Last week we had about 150 inside that little church. What a mission field!

Lilly and her friend Bionda...my language teacher's daughter :)
singing and shouting
Sally telling the story of Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead!
I can't wait until I can do this!!!!
Precious ones coloring their tomb
Can you tell how many are in there?
Coloring the risen Savior!

This is sweet Madrinha.
She is João's daughter....the one you prayed for a

few weeks ago...the one with malaria.
She is well and back at church with us!!! Praise God!
Emma and a little one that is crazy about her!
Meghan and a little one that she got to hold
This is all of the children showing their creations 
We took some children home from church.
We didn't want this little one in the back of the truck, so she sat with Lilly :)