Saturday, July 12, 2014

Grandma's Visit -- By Meg

About couple weeks ago our Grandma came to visit us. 
We had so much fun with her!!! 
She was able stay with us for about 2 1/2 weeks! 
But, we were very sad that Granddad couldn't come too. 
Hopefully next time!!

Welcome Back Grandma
There she is!!

So happy to see her!

After Church on Sunday
Traveling to Nacala

Thanks so much for coming Grandma!!!


Jennings -- Last Few Days -- By Meg

The next few days with the Jennings were very crazy and fun!
We went to Nacala and took a boat ride with our friends the Harrells.

Katherine, Emma, Lilly, and Kate
Aunt Becky had the idea to tie a rope to the boat and pull people to see the coral.
I thought it was so fun…..others thought different. 
This is where we had our picnic on the beach.
Everyone in front of the dhow(boat).

While getting out of the boat, my mom slipped on some algae, 
fell and hit her eye on the hard rock. 
She still has a little bit of swelling, but the black is gone. 
The Mozambicans thought that my dad had hit her. They were so worried about her. 

On Saturday morning, the oldest people went to the church to meet up with the youth. 
We had planed to walk around the neighborhood and visit the houses of some of the youth. 
We waited of them for a while...but they eventually showed up. 
Waiting for the youth. 
Hearing about where we were going to visit. 
Such a cool picture!

That afternoon we had children's class.

Playing with the parachute. It is still a favorite!

Teaching them how to draw a stick person.
Imagine never learning how to draw a stick person until you are 8 years old!

Lilly and Katherine had a lemonade stand/sale.

Our guard is "buying" some lemonade.

On Sunday morning we got up and headed to church.

Waiting for church to start.
Having a quick meeting before church.
Teaching the kids.
We had lots of kiddos.
Introducing the Jennings to our church.
Singing a song
Singing with the ladies.
Giving offering
Mr. Jennings, My Dad, and Pastor Martino preaching in 3 languages.
Saying goodbye.
Before heading to the airport.
With one of our guards Albano
All the girls
There they go.
We had a blast with you guys!! Come back soon!!


Jennings -- PEPE -- By Meg

On Wednesday we went to the preschool PEPE for the morning while the dads were teaching at the Bible Institute. We had lots of fun coloring and playing with the kids.

Enjoy the pictures!!

They are a handful...but so cute!!