Monday, January 20, 2014

Hanging Out -- By Meg

 One day, Grandma, Mom, and I decided that we would go and visit a 
craft market and walk around the mall. 
So we left the guest house and traveled to a place in Johannesburg 
that has a craft market inside a little mall place. 
We had some fun girl bonding time!! 

The craft market outside.
Hard Rock Cafe!!!
(We didn't eat there...I just got my picture in front of it.)
Eating at Mugg and Bean!!
We had a fun day!!!

In Pilanesburg -- By Meg

So after the zip lining excursion we traveled to a city about one hour away and spent the night there. Then, we woke up the next day and went on a Safari.
It was so cool to see so many animals because 
we don't have "African animals" in Mozambique.


We had to go by a shop to get a phone card and of course what do we do?!?
Show off some hats! We are mannequins.
We spent the night in a hotel nearby and then, we woke up and drove to the safari place.
In our safari truck!!
The first animal we saw was a giraffe! They were so beautiful!!

 Then we drove and drove and drove and finally we saw a heard of elephants!
It was the first time that we saw elephants in Africa!!

 We saw lots more animals along the way!

Look at those ears!
He was HUGE!!
Those babies are actually very tiny!
Lots of hippos!
At one point these creatures were all around the truck!

They stopped at a rest stop and we got some drinks and ice cream.

After the safari we went to a HUGE mall where all of the rich people 
come and spend their money. 
It was very cool to see how many people were there to swim in the pool and to play games!

Oh yah baby!!

We had  fun day, but we were ready to get back to the guest house.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Zip, Zip, Zip -- By Meg

One day we decided that we would drive up to a place that has a zip lining canopy tour. 
We had SO much fun and Grandma was the only one that wouldn't do it. 
(But, that was ok :) )
My mom even did i,t even though she is very scared of heights.

Putting all the gear on. 
For some reason they were SO funny putting all of their gear on. 
All ready to go!!

Waiting for the truck to pick us up and take us to the starting point of the tour.
Here we go!
At the starting point of the tour with our guides, Lucky and Jack.
Dad went first.

My mom was so nervous and we kept on telling her that she could do it.
She was breathing so you will see in the pictures!

See what I mean?!?

It was so fun!!
She had a smile on her face the whole time!
Who wouldn't?!?

We did it!!
Ice cream to celebrate!!
We had soooo much fun!!