Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Our Lusaka Church Home -- Woodlands Baptist Church

We are part of a sweet group of believers in Lusaka. This is Woodlands Baptist Church, named after the neighborhood that it is in. 
We have struggled some finding our place and role, 
but I suppose that takes time anywhere.

Here is the front of the church.
This is the inside (duh).
It is always packed by the middle of service with people having to stand/sit outside.
That would be the reason that they are building a new sanctuary.
(I am still not sure how I feel about this.)
This particular Sunday we were praying at the site of the new building, which is just behind the old.
It is predominately an English speaking church.
However, we do sing about half of the songs in one of 2 local tribal languages.
This is Pastor Chanda, a powerful man of God.
Here are the two song books that are used. 
We have the Baptist Hymnal and a traditional chorus book.
I think it is very interesting how all of our Baptist Hymnals are from churches in the states.
Did they get new ones and send us the old ones?
This one says, "New Conroe Baptist Church".

Here is our weekly bulletin.

Here we are on the Sunday we joined the church.
The girls are still not comfortable here. I don't know why.
Please pray for them to want to make relationships, because it is a heart issue.

Much Love,

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