Sunday, February 5, 2017

Finally....Our Crate Arrives

(Sorry this is old info, but I am still trying to catch up! 😊)

Back in December 2015, we packed a crate to send to Mozambique before we left the states. Things changed and changed and that delayed the shipping of our crate. But in October, our crate finally found us. 

 Some great friends packed up our homeschool books for the year
  in this barrel. The barrel was then shipped along with our crate.
Lilly says, "Get it open, Dad!"
Yippy for school books!
Emma.....always finding the fun in everything!
Lilly received a note from a friend. Surprise!
One of the most exciting things we packed in our crate was
a nice, used trampoline that we found while in the states.
They were so happy to see it that we just had to put it up....even though it was already dark!
In the backyard of our new house. We weren't even moved in at the time!
Yea for a trampoline strong enough to hold all three girls!
What fun!!!

From Zambia,

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